Friday, February 12, 2010

Fit For 2 @ Bangsar Village

A cafe dedicated to moms and their young children, though other customers are welcome. But beware: you might find toddlers crawling up to you and disturbing your meal while their mothers feign ignorance.

The food here is designed to be relatively healthy. Their toasted bagel was not bad; tasted fairly fresh and not too chewy.

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon & homemade toasted bread. The eggs were nice and creamy but a bit bland. Thankfully, the salmon helped to add flavour.

Blueberry pancakes with cinnamon butter and maple syrup. Not as fluffy as the best pancakes, but still light and easy to finish.

FBB's Boozy Spencer's Four Seasons cake. Not part of Fit For 2's menu, but I had to include this, since it was my first time trying this (thanks, TNG!). I personally gobbled up one-third of the entire cake in 15 minutes.

Fit For 2,
Bangsar Village.


  1. I love the new profile pix! So cool. I remember the cakes at Fit for 2 are pretty good, not sure abt the other food though.

  2. wow, u went to a non alcoholic place, not exactly no alcohol i see, u still got a boozy cake!

  3. You didn't step on any kids, didja?

  4. Ya welkum!! Hehe.

    And yea, that lady ahh.. buat tak tau. Was a whiskers awy to strangling tht kid ;p

  5. boo: thanks! i have to thank an anonymous benefactor for the pic. :D saw some cupcakes and slices of decent-looking cakes there, but didn't manage to sample them. next time =)
    joe: yeah, if only the cake had been boozy enough to get me tipsy! but it was yummy :D
    lemongrass: i would have loved to stomp on one particular brat's feet ... HARD!
    tng: wah, but u seemed so patient! yep, the mom didn't even bother to apologize for her kid being such a nuisance...

  6. happy belated birthday. that seemed like a rather sedate venue for YOUR birthday. i'd have expected a place with booze....

  7. fbb: thanks! heheh, nah, this was a birthday tea, not the birthday dinner :D

  8. Hope you didn't eat any children on your birthday. :) Btw, happy belated birthday sean.

    FBB's cakes rock eh?

  9. qwazymonkey: tnx, jon =) yeah, hoping to try his other specialties eventually, but i'm hoping he'll create an avocado mousse cake someday!

  10. then they should call it fit for kids! lol

  11. eiling: fit for foodies too :D