Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ko Hyang @ Mid Valley

This place is constantly packed during meal times, probably a testament to the decent quality of its food and reasonable prices.

Bulgogi. Not really memorable, but perfectly adequate. The beef was tender, the portion was hearty and everything tasted well-prepared.

Bibimbab. Addictive stuff. Mix everything together for terrific comfort food.

Ko Hyang,
The Gardens.
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  1. So comforting to see this place doing brisk business and not slipping! A very tough thing to do when one resides in Mid Valley!

  2. Loveeee this plc! The owner such an eye candy too! ;p

  3. min: yeah, i've rarely come to mid valley for food anymore, since the choices are so lacklustre!
    tng: eye candy? didn't notice! must go back! :D

  4. Oh I've tried this. The lady owner is so gorgeous! Bonus.

  5. eiling: uh-oh, now i'm confused about whether the "eye candy" owner is male or female =)

  6. the owner should be a female la....

  7. eiling: oops! no wonder i didn't notice :D

  8. how about the price with these foods?
    will it pricey?

    haha..i am still a high school student,
    wanna eat,but wanna safe money!


  9. Elvin: ah, this place is reasonable. Should be less than rm20 for a full meal with drinks :D

  10. NOW Ko Hyang is available at Cyberjaya...for details may call 03-8322 6168 Menu and prices are the same...