Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Deck @ E&O Hotel Penang

Let's kick off some entries on a recent trip to Penang with a lazy afternoon spent sipping cocktails at the E & O's poolside outlet, The Deck, overlooking the Malacca Strait.

Life Journey (gin, campari, sugar syrup, grenadine) and Creme Me (dark rum, bailey's, triple sec, pineapple juice, fresh milk).

The Deck,
Eastern & Oriental (E & O) Hotel, Penang.
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  1. cocktails, sea breeze & friends. Nice! ;p

  2. tng: especially when the weather is cool enough for sitting outdoors =)

  3. Nice cocktails... so thirsty la now! Lol..

  4. eiling: it's never too early to start drinking :D

  5. Yikes, that looks good. Cna't believe I belum pegi E&O after a few trips to Penang recently. :P

  6. lfb: pg does have those really charming hotels that kl seems to lack. the beaches make a big difference too, i guess...