Monday, February 1, 2010

Somo @ Mont Kiara

Somo's heyday may have passed, judging from its dwindling number of weekday customers. But it's still a cool place to hang out, with a comfy alfresco setting, friendly service and well-prepared Japanese food and booze.

Grilled stingray fins. A salty, chewy snack.

Selection of skewers: gingko nuts, quail eggs, chicken gizzard, chicken liver & pork belly. Some hits and misses (though the succulent pork belly is a surefire hit), but cheap enough to make them all worth trying.

Charcoal-grilled calamari. Tasted fresh and springy.

Deep-fried squid tentacles. Not too oily, but nicely bouncy.

Long Island Iced Tea & Twilight Zone (Jagermeister, Gin, Triple Sec, Vodka).

Rush Hour Tokyo, a series of unidentified alcohol that ends with a shot of sake.

Sake Bomb, basically a small cup of sake dumped into a frosty glass of beer.

Mont Kiara.


  1. This is the one next to coffeebean right?

  2. hmmm, i could have sworn i ate the same things :P

  3. It's a nice place to hangout for drinks...but I never gave much thought about the food. ;)

  4. tokyo rush is all sake kinda drinks =) haha my favourite drink to buy ppl for their birthday..can giv u quite the buzz if u whack it all in a row quickly

  5. sounds like Sumo :P
    looks like a cool place to drop by for drinks and snacks with friends

  6. qwazymonkey: yep, it's on that higher patch of ground, somewhat opposite plaza mont kiara...
    ciki: i'll testify on your behalf!
    bangsar-babe: the food is worth investigating. it'll help soak up some of the booze! :D
    joe: ooh tnx for the info. we did get a kick out of it, since we gulped it all down as suggested. definitely a more unusual alternative to flaming lambos, huh =)
    leo: heh, i have no idea what somo means. :D yeah, even when it's raining, there's one of those retractable roofs to shield customers...

  7. I remember Nipple Joe talking about getting drunk in this place all the time, but have yet to check this place out. :-D

  8. lemongrass: i wonder if he's abandoned this place by now and found a new place for getting drunk. =) it's a nice place whenever the weather's not too hot and humid...

  9. Hmmm... never heard of this place and never been there. but the cushions look inviting! I'll probably doze off while eating.

  10. eiling: yikes ... yeah, that's the danger of being too comfortable! though i'm wondering if anyone has ever thrown up on those cushions =)

  11. Must try Ken & Vincent that their food std is dropping ;p
    psssttt: (I nvr had high regard for their food anyways..)

  12. tng: oops, i dunno the proprietors ... oh well, the food is pretty decent for the price actually =)