Thursday, February 25, 2010

MO Bar @ Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

A slick, stylish bar that would benefit from a later closing time (last orders are currently before midnight, waaaaay too early for night owls).

MO Bar is set right beside Mandarin Grill, enabling customers to simply step next door for cocktails and snacks here after dinner.

Potato crisps and crunchy pastry batter with aioli, perfect for nibbling.

Tasting bites of Caesar Salad (with the surprising inclusion of soft, slippery anchovies instead of the usual beef bacon), Lump Crab Cakes (crisp & well-prepared) & Smoked Salmon Loin (generously sliced & very fresh-tasting, unlike most smoked salmon elsewhere).

MO New York Ginger Mojito (ginger-infused rum, lime, mint) & MO Chiang Mai Sweet Lemongrass Martini (vodka, honey, lemongrass).

MO Munich (vodka, apple schnapps, cinnamon) & MO Boston (calvados, amaretto).

MO Bar,
Mandarin Oriental,
Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Let me make a stupid guess here ;p - MO + Mandarin Hotel ?
    Wahh... u had that (salad etc) after a meal at Mendarin Grill??

  2. the smoked salmon loin, looks more like a chunk of sashimi man.

  3. I'm mesmerised by the lights at MO Bar/Mandarin Grill. They're so delicate and fairy-like.

    I like the looks of the smoked salmon loin. Reminds me of an outstanding smoked salmon I had in Sage...

  4. tng: yeps, easy name for the bar =) ya, just some light nibbles. we were hoping they would offer desserts, but there weren't any...
    joe: tasted like a cross between sashimi and smoked salmon. had a smoky, mildly salty taste, but also the freshness of sashimi :D
    lemongrass: yeah, quite hypnotic. and the windows provide a peek at the landscaped garden outside, so it can be quite enchanting at nite. hmmm, my memories of smoked salmon have been polluted by all the ones at hotel buffet counters...

  5. I've often wondered abt consuming smoked salmon in more substantial serving than those dainty slices... a loin of freshness sounds abt right!

  6. The bar looks sleek and nifty. Nice. But the way that lemongrass is sticking out from the martini glass is kinda funny.

  7. min: yeah, a little smoked salmon usually goes a long way! but this one deserves an award!
    eiling: heheh, i think it's probably just the angle of the photo =)

  8. so distressing when people think a ceasar salad is supposed to come with bacon or worse lumps of chicken!

  9. ben: yep, anchovies are a nice alternative =)