Saturday, February 20, 2010

Conservatory @ Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

For late-night drinks after Favola and Prime are closed, head to Le Meridien's lounge without fear of being kicked out (though last orders are before 1 a.m.).

The Ramel Coffee (double espresso, caramel syrup, cadbury chocolate powder, condensed milk, milk foam) & Coffee Frappe (coffee ice cream, kahlua, cream, ice) will help keep you awake for long conversations past your curfew, even if you haven't slept for over 18 hours.

Sit far away from the stage though, since the live band is typically loud (unless you don't mind staying silent throughout their performance and savouring their versions of "Endless Love" and "Greatest Love of All.")

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.
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  1. Cheesy love songs and drinks... bring back memories.

  2. ...will help keep you awake for long conversations past your curfew, even if you haven't slept for over 18 hours.
    LOL. Must have been enticing company.

    The Ramel coffee has apparently won some award (read it in TimeOutKL Jan issue).

  3. Those are some heavy duty stimulants! I don't know why perfectly cozy hotel bars reduce themselves to loud live music. For me, the quieter, the better!

  4. Hate loud music too! But since patrons are given a choice ( seats awy frm the racket or close to it if they prefer) then I guess it's stil alrite.

  5. qwazymonkey: good memories, i hope!
    lemongrass: yeah, but actually i've forgotten what it tastes like already!
    min: i suppose there's the perception that loud music means a lively, bustling lounge. but it's a real turnoff at hotels...
    tng: yeah, i can't imagine sitting right in front of the band! =)

  6. eiling: and a pleasure!

  7. Endless Love? Greatest Love of All? All one needs to complete the night is a Diana Ross wannabe belting her lungs out. Oh thy aching eardrums... :P

  8. lfb: i happen to LOVE those songs actually. am dreading the day that hip-hop takes over our hotel lounges :D