Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teluk Kumbar Seafood @ Penang

Eating seafood on Penang's beach was a fun experience that we can't replicate in KL.

It was nice to catch the sunset by the sea. The weather was breezy and the service was swift; the food was rather ordinary but relatively inexpensive.

La-la in garlic. Pretty typical; the clams were fairly meaty.

Crabs in sweet & sour sauce. OK, but not remarkable.

Chicken satay. Kinda interesting; the satay was apparently coated in peanut sauce already, so there was no separate dip served. Not bad at all, but we could have used some extra sauce to really soak the satay and make it more flavourful.

Teochew Mee. Pretty addictive, thanks to the firm, springy noodles and a delicious seafood-based gravy (or was it simply MSG?).

Steamed red snapper. Tasted fresh enough, but not memorable either.

Fried rice with seafood. Not terrific, not terrible.

Some kinda unidentifiable greens. Boring but healthy, I guess.

Mantis prawns coated in salted egg. Can't go wrong with this.

Teluk Kumbar Seafood,


  1. Right on the beach with the mosquitos and sand! Nope, definitely cant duplicate in KL!! ;p

  2. refreshing to see some "normal" food on this blog. The noodles looked like some Japanese Cold soba with added seafood. Maybe it's the colour.

  3. tng: heh, no mozzies there! but the sand did get into my shoes, bah...
    eiling: one more penang post after this, with not-so-normal food =) yeah, actually the noodles tasted a bit different in texture, not quite like usual chinese noodles...

  4. can u gv me the address??

  5. this seems to be it:
    84 Mk 9, Teluk Kumbar Tel : 04-6491 403

  6. nice beach shots, Sean. wishing you a happy and prosperous new year

  7. babe: thanks so much! hope u and your family have been having a good time so far too. i suppose that cny is always more fun when u have a young child! :D

  8. this is a cool post .. how come i missed this! dining by the sea.. delightful. food looks gr8 too!

  9. ciki: tnx! u were away gallivanting in java! but yeah, the sea is lovely; too bad our city has no coastline...