Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hanifa @ Nagasari

Long after midnight, once all the kitchens at Changkat Bukit Bintang have closed, this is the most convenient outlet nearby to check out for hearty grub.

They were out of nasi briyani during our recent visit, but the nasi kandar looked fairly appealing. Too bad it turned out to be one of the worst we've ever tried; the fried chicken was bland, the fish eggs were chewy and the curries tasted watered down.

The Maggi Mee Goreng fared as badly. Mushy and flavourless.

Roti telur. Forgettable; no better (but no worse) than most versions elsewhere.

Restoran Hanifa,
Jalan Nagasari,
Bukit Bintang.


  1. then do you know where's the best maggi mee goreng?

  2. eiling: gosh, i wouldn't know where the best is, but i vaguely recall the one at asia cafe in subang being decent...

  3. LOL. Must be really bad for u to blog abt it!

  4. tng: heh, i still wanna try their nasi briyani though =)

  5. Next time, we shall walk to wong ah wah for chicken wings instead. :-)

  6. lemongrass: too far, too far to walk!!! nagasari for banana leaf rice instead lar :D

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