Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe @ Feringgi Penang

Hard Rock Cafe's Penang branch, located in the chain's own hotel at the Batu Feringgi beach strip, is a cheerful hive of activity. When we had lunch here, the neighbouring table was enjoying a boisterous birthday celebration.

It might seem strange to eat here when there's so much other wonderful food in Penang, but the place is a real tourist magnet for now.

A crowd-pleasing starter combo of Santa Fe spring rolls, hickory-smoked chicken wings, onion rings, potato skins and Tupelo chicken tenders.

Grilled Cajun chicken with green leaves, orange, pecans, red pepper, cranberries and blue cheese with honey citrus dressing. Crisp, fresh and flavourful.

Hickory-smoked BBQ Combo of beef ribs, chicken and beef brisket, with seasoned fries, coleslaw and ranch beans. Awesome stuff; the meat was well-marinated and perfectly juicy.

Chicken and beef fajitas. Piping-hot and tender, with lotsa pico de gallo, shredded Jack & Cheddar cheese, guacamole, sour cream & shredded lettuce to heap on the flour tortillas.

Twisted Cavatappi macaroni tossed in lightly spiced three-cheese sauce with garlic, roasted red peppers & Parmesan bread crumbs. Filled with carbs & fat, but too tasty to resist.

Legendary 10 oz burger, topped with seasoned bacon, cheddar cheese and onion ring. A smashing success, thanks to the thick, succulent patty.

Purple Haze (smirnoff vodka, beefeater gin, bacardi raspberry rum, sweet & sour, lemon lime soda, chambord raspberry liqueur) and Rum Runner (bacardi superior rum, banana liqueur, monin blackberry, grenadine, orange juice, sweet & sour, mount gay dark rum).

Bull Blaster (Jagermeister & Red Bull) and Vanilla Malt Shake.

Hard Rock Cafe,
Batu Feringgi, Penang.


  1. The burger looks massive...and delish! Gong xi fa cai! =)

  2. Malt shake? as in single malts or Malta malt?

    yes, read abt tis legendary burger! hv u tried the Hard rock food in KL? Consistent in taste?

  3. bangsar-babe: GXFC to ya too! =) yep, they've really perfected the formula for their food!
    tng: heheh, sadly it was just a non-alcoholic milkshake. it's been 5/6 years since i last dropped by hrc at kl, but i think the food should be similarly satisfying. i kinda recall liking it better than, say, tgif or chilis...

  4. Not a typical Penang food post, I see. :-P Oh, what I'd give to have chee cheong fun with har kou and char koay teow with duck egg and more ccf with har kou after that! I'd sweat a thousand times over just to savour Penang streetfood again. The burger at HRC sounds delicious, just like everything else in PG, I guess. :-) Must be the old Penang magic. Signed, proud-Penang-born-with-faded-memories(but-not-scatterbrained)-CCF-lover.

  5. P.S. Sir, will there be a Penang CCF post after this?

    Waiting in anticipation. Signed, Will-sell-first-born-for-CCF

  6. lemongrass: alas, only two more penang entries after this, and neither involves ccf (which i dislike. it's possible that ccf might never appear on this blog) or ckt (which i love, but rarely eat these days). i can't remember ever trying the penang ccf or the duck egg ckt, though i know EVERYBODY loves them! :D

  7. I heard their hotel rooms are always fully booked! So ridiculous meh?

  8. eiling: maybe cos they're still new and their publicity machine seems to be working well. it's a nice location though, with brilliant service, etc... we even saw quite a few middle eastern tourists there...