Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 1885 @ E&O Hotel Penang

This entry wraps up our Penang series. A highlight was dinner at one of the island's most elegant settings, with impeccable food and well-honed service.

Bread with three flavours of butter (salted, pesto and sundried tomato).

Amuse bouche of beef wantan.

Preparing the Caesar Salad, tossed with garlic, olive oil, anchovies, mustard, topped with parmesan and croutons, served with smoked salmon.

This salad has become a cliche, but when it's executed with careful attention and a top-notch array of ingredients, it's 100 percent satisfying.

A fresh-tasting seafood sampler of soft-shell crab with cilantro salsa, seared tuna with ponzu dressing & coquille St. Jacques (scallop) with gazpacho dressing.

Cream of cauliflower soup. Luxuriously thick; who says soups can't be decadent?

Baked baby lobster tail. Meaty and succulent.

Spinach & Crab Cannelloni with seafood chili con carne, asparagus & soft shell crab. An intriguing combo of tastes and textures. The cannelloni was packed with fleshy chunks of crab meat, which had a creaminess that was nicely balanced by the tangy seafood.

Smoked lamb tortellini tossed with virgin olive oil, garlic, roasted pumpkin, pine nuts, young edamame beans & shimeji mushrooms, finished with crumbled Roquefort cheese. Delicious, but this needs to be shared because it's waaay too rich.

Preparing the Peach Melba, flambeed with Cognac by the table.

A melt-in-the-mouth sweet treat, served with vanilla ice cream and berries coulis.

Pumpkin & Ginger Cobbler with Russian caramel sauce and ginger ice cream. It's a risk to order cobbler, since this dessert can turn out too stodgy or dry. Thankfully, this warm, comforting concoction steered clear of those pitfalls.

Amaretto & Cognac Parfait with fruit salsa & vanilla sauce. Refreshingly cold.

Saint Clair Fire Road Chardonnay 2007 (New Zealand).

Terramater Paso Del Sol Merlot (Chile).

Dessert wine: Gianni Gagliardo Villa Moscatel 2007 (Italy).

The 1885,
Eastern & Oriental (E & O) Hotel, Penang.


  1. Hey! Happy Cny. Lovely spread. Love to pay this place a visit when I head down there next month. What's the pricing like?

  2. Oooh, fine dining at Penang. Must admit whenever people ask me where to fine dine in the island I have no idea. Now I know where! Thxs for the tip. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you! Hope the family trip up to KL went well.

  3. Nothing like watching a live performance right beside your table. =) Wonder what they'll do if one clapped and asked for an encore...

  4. The ambiance looks good. Must give it a try if I ever go into Penang again. Have not been there for sometime.

  5. qwazymonkey: gxfc to ya too! prices are on the high side, but can still escape with RM100 per person for three courses without drinks...
    boo: the family's still hanging around in kl! hope it's been a great five days for u so far in the year of the tiger.
    lemongrass: i bet they'd blush and scoot back into the kitchen! =)
    eiling: yeah, there's no shortage of places to eat in penang, whether u prefer hawker food or restaurant fare :D

  6. I think I could do a whole plate of smoked lamb tortellini. But I'll probably need a palate cleanser after that! =P

  7. bangsar-babe: and breath mints too, definitely! :D

  8. E & O does live up to their reputation so far! ;)
    The lamb tortelini is certainly the bomb!

  9. tng: yep, it's a good place to have both food and drinks! :D