Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weissbrau @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Click here for earlier entry on Weissbrau (October 14).

Alsatian flammkuchen topped with parma ham. A northern French pizza smothered in creme fraiche and onions. Crisp, thin and scrumptious.

Pissaladiere. The southern French version, covered with onion, garlic, anchovies and olives. A bit less tasty, lacking the sour cream in the flammkuchen.

Pork spare ribs with rosti. The ribs were flavourful but slightly tough, since they were fried. The rosti tasted very fresh and not oily at all.

Pork knuckle with spaetzle and sauerkraut. Succulent stuff.

Olma Veal Bratwurst, a sausage from St Gallen, made of veal, milk and spices. Worth ordering if you prefer soft, non-salty sausages.

Swiss chocolate mousse with pear and kirsch sauce. A hearty, decadent dessert.

Merry Berry (mixed berries with yogurt). Refreshing but sourish.

Red Cliff's Shiraz, Australia.



  1. soft, non salty sausage? Tht's calling me right there!

  2. The place really looked ordinary the time I passed by.. nope.. didn't go in to eat, was in a rush that time

  3. lfb: eh got mah, in the pork knuckle pic. two demerit points for not paying attention :P
    tng: i like them soft but salty! :D
    leo: yeah, it definitely wouldn't win any award for best appearance. but for best food in pavilion, it might be in the top five =)

  4. I'd go for the knuckles....it's been a long time since I had spaetzle! Was the portion decent?

  5. bangsar-babe: the great thing about the pork knuckle here is u can choose whether to have a half-knuckle or full one. and yep, most of the dishes are reasonably hearty, with enough carbs and veggies on the side :D

  6. how much is the pork knuckle dish? my friends are supplying some wines to this new place. I heard the prices are a bit expensive too.

  7. eiling: oops, i've forgotten how much the knuckle costs. but yep, the prices for everything here are rather steep. still, the food is worth it...

  8. Its really a nice restaurent , im one of happy staff

  9. weissbrau: happy to hear u enjoy it! :D

  10. This place looks good so does the food, I will be giving it a try soon and share my review on it. Thank you for sharing this post with us