Monday, December 21, 2009

Albion @ Berangan Kuala Lumpur

Offering "modern British cuisine," Albion provides a calm refuge from the bustle of Changkat Bukit Bintang. The service is wonderful, the setting is beautiful, while the food and booze are plentiful (just don't look for roast beef with Yorkshire pudding on the menu for now).

Kick off the meal with warm bread in what kinda looks like a dim sum basket. We lapped up the thick, fresh-tasting sun-dried tomato dip.

Spinach & ricotta dumplings. Not bad, though this does seem more Italian than British.

Chorizo a la plancha. Heaped with generously sliced, nicely salted pork sausages; a snack that we would gladly have eaten all evening.

Duck confit with braised red cabbage & panfried potatoes. Frankly, the duck was a disaster. Utterly overcooked to the brink of being burnt. Thankfully, the cabbage and potatoes were quite tasty, redeeming what would otherwise be a dry, nearly inedible dish.

Pan-fried grey mullet with roasted Mediterranean veggies. A moist, wonderfully flaky fish.

Ballotine of chicken with champ and baby French beans. Tender and well-prepared.

A trio of chocolate-flavoured mousse _ brandy, white choc and orange spice. We don't usually fall for desserts, but this is a must-try. Luxuriously smooth, creamy and flavourful.

Mature fruit cake with caramelized pineapple and vanilla ice cream. Won't knock your socks off, but a perfectly satisfying finish to an enjoyable dinner.

Lychee Martini, Mojito and Margarita. No complaints about the booze.

A bottle of Merlot helped to make the evening a merry, memorable one.
The outlet had not officially been launched (though it was packed that night), so the proprietor had not finalized the prices for the food and drinks. He simply allowed us pay whatever we thought the meal was worth (nope, not revealing the amount here).

Jalan Berangan.


  1. Wow, You're fast :P i'm thinking of dropping by this wed..So,is it worth going?

  2. 30milestone: it's definitely worth checking out; you'll be happy with the ambience and friendly service, but the menu has both hits and misses. maybe u can get recommendations from james, the british proprietor who greets every customer. hope u have a lovely evening if u go! :D

  3. yar boy.. you guys ate a lot! way more than us two skinny chicks:P haha

  4. ciki: u're a wise, healthy, moderate eater; i'm an incorrigible glutton! :D

  5. LOL.. I'm a cheapskate... probably won't pay much even if the food is great anyway :) coz I am always looking for peng, leng, jeng stuff!

    By the way, have you received the card???

  6. leo: heheh, i guess as long as we pay enough to cover their costs and give them a slight profit, it's ok =) oh, our office manager is on leave, so we haven't gotten our mail yet. will e-mail u as soon as i receive the card. thanks for checking! :D

  7. I'm tempted to go try this place out. Maybe i'll just pay RM1 and be happy with it. LOL

  8. qwazymonkey: evil! they better fix their prices before all of u guys go there and leave them bankrupt! :P

  9. i better quickly bunk in b4 they fix their price huh :P cheapskate me as well LOL

    chloe aka 30milestone

  10. chloe: uh-oh, u're in trouble then, cos their official launch is tuesday this week! =)

  11. lol!
    darn Sean, why did u tell us this so so late??!

  12. chloe: haha, worth checking out though. maybe the prices will still be reasonable :D
    tng: heh, ooops, sorry. actually i delayed my cilantro post by a day to put up this review first. but yeah, still a bit too late :D

  13. where in changkat? beside which outlet? shit la.. i haven't even try all the outlets there yet and they are opening another new one!

  14. eiling: actually it's next to bar italia on jalan berangan, parallel to changkat...

  15. I came across this blog when i was looking for a new place to bring my visiting friends for a night out and decided to try it out. It was fantastic!! Chicken ballatine and chorizo are must tries; and the Roast Belly Pork was really moist and succulent, yet the skin was so crispy.

    I am a true sucker for fruit cakes and I have not had a really good one for ages - at least not in KL. This one with caramelized pineapples is a perfect combination!

    And most important thing... the prices are value for money. You definitely get your money's worth for the portions, the service and the ambience.

    Noticed there is no address here, so here it is for those of you interested to check it out:
    31, Jalan Berangan,
    50200 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603-2141 9282

    Thanks, Sean for this recommendation.

  16. They are open for lunch too, which is great for people working in the area. :)

  17. saffron: glad to hear you enjoyed your meal here. i returned to this place a few days ago for another really good meal. will post a second review next week =)