Friday, December 4, 2009

Borneo Baruk Club @ Kia Peng

Not a bad place to duck into while waiting for traffic to ease after work.

The Borneo-themed ambience might seem tacky, but let's award them points for effort. Too bad the live music can get unbearably loud even before 8 p.m.

Manok Pansoh, chicken stuffed in bamboo and cooked with lemongrass and tapioca leaves. Not bad at all; this took no short cuts with the traditional recipe, resulting in fragrant, tender meat that left us wholly satisfied.

Less successful was the Laksa Sarawak, rice vermicelli served with chicken and egg strips. The soup lacked zing, leaving us with extremely bland beehoon.

White Rajah cocktail and Virgin Daiquiri mocktail.

Borneo Baruk Club,
Jalan Kia Peng.


  1. I love the ambience at this joint. Their Nasi Goreng, sandwich and pasta are yummilicious. I guess the music can get loud if you are inside the building, but they have a al-fresco area where you can watch the passers-by and dine in relative quietness ;o) Also, there is plentiful parking which is something rare in this part of town. Thanks for the pictures :o)

  2. Didn't know they serve food too. Always pass by but didn't have anyone to go in with me. haha

  3. lil: ahhh, didn't realize their other food is worth sampling. will keep in mind next time, thanks! :D
    eiling: if the traffic is unbearable, just hop in for a snack =)
    ciki: tasty recipe, wish there were more places serving it...

  4. i think this is the only outlet for Manok Pansoh..since Rajah Brooke doesnt serve it.
    And no hawker stalls that I knw of does it too.
    Apparently my s'wak friend also said its not that common in S'wak?? but he is i'm not sure... (furthermore not a foodie ;p)

  5. tng: i think it used to be available at this sarawakian outlet at ttdi plaza called pucuk ubi ... but am not sure if that outlet is still in business...

  6. Given today's traffic conditions, I may just pop by later :)

  7. unka: given the traffic conditions, it might be impossible to even reach here :D

  8. Hi,

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