Saturday, December 26, 2009

Utara @ Armada Hotel

Reindeer flew in from the North Pole to Utara to spread some festive cheer.

This year, more than ever, it seems like turkey is a Yuletide necessity. Utara's roast turkey was a letdown; it had no stuffing at all. The giblet gravy & cranberry sauce offered little consolation. But everyone lapped this up, forcing the restaurant to bring out three turkeys in two hours.

The rest of the buffet was a hit-or-miss affair, ranging from tasty things like chicken ballotine stuffed with raisins to run-of-the-mill recipes such as fried fish with belacan.

Desserts were slightly better than expected. Loved the log cake, stollen and chocolate mousse (most of which aren't in the photo above, but oh well).

Utara Coffee House,
Armada Hotel.


  1. Was that a gingerbread house in the last pic? :)

  2. Well least you've had a meal at the (Kutub) Utara! :P With reindeers and all

  3. lfb: sure looks like it, huh. was wondering if it was edible :D
    qwazymonkey: heheh, and santa made an appearance too, dishing out candy to kids =)

  4. I hv thot that u would hv chosen some "special" place for Xmas..but Armada?

    Luckily for the desserts!

  5. tng: heheh, yeah, there were reasons why this place was chosen. but it fulfilled its purpose :)