Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ri Yakitori: Testicle Steamboat @ Gardens Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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A recent trip to Ri Yakitori yielded a pleasant surprise: they've expanded their menu since our last visit, with extra attractions that include a steamboat of beef organs.

We couldn't resist ordering bull's penis...

... and testicles...

... along with tendons, second stomach and third stomach.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...

The result was a one-of-a-kind mix of tastes and textures. The penis was soft and flavourless, while the testicles were tender but had a rather strong odour. We actually liked them better than the stomach slices, which looked creepy and tasted vile.

For the squeamish, there's always the yakitori instead. We had the chicken neck, beef tongue, chicken kidney, heart & knee soft bone. All were wonderfully smoky.

Stewed chicken with half-cooked egg on rice. Slightly bland but still addictive.

Chicken congee. Mushy, piping-hot comfort food.

750ml of sake to wash down a somewhat strange supper.

Ri Yakitori,
Gardens Hotel.

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  1. Was there a couple of months ago. The concept is fine but the execution of the food does not compare to Kazu in Singapore, best yakitori I've tasted anywhere.

  2. that's gross Sean..but still I'll go try out tomorrow LOL..for the penis and testicles *wink*

  3. I rather eat ox tongue and fish sperm than this! So does that help to develop better "assets" for men?

  4. alexander: just googled kazu, it does look good. and it serves pork too, so that's a plus
    chloe: heh ... hope u enjoy it and survive to tell the tale!
    joe: yeah, it was already a pretty unique outlet, serving chicken spleen, etc, but this takes it to another level
    eiling: haha, i'm sure there's a belief that it promotes virility or something like that, but who knows whether there's any truth there..

  5. oh my god... eiks!

    I'll stick to the chic plz....

  6. tng: are u sure u can't be tempted :D

  7. LOL. good choices. Did you feel the heat thereafter?

  8. j2kfm: nahh ... disappointingly, no discernible effects whatsoever :P

  9. Sean, I went this afternoon but couldn't find car park =( (the whole Midvalley area was jam-packed *WTH*) will try my luck next week when i'm back to KL..Btw, does anyone know where can I find 'chicken testicles' around in KL???

  10. chloe: yeah, it's terrible cos it's the school holidays now. u might have better luck in the evenings. as for your question, ermm, nope sorry, never heard of such a dish being offered!

  11. hahahaha :P so.. u must be DAMN RANDY now ler :P

  12. ciki: luckily (or maybe unluckily? hmmmm) the answer is no :D