Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hai Peng @ Old Klang Road

A dodgy-looking outlet, but we headed here due to their solid reputation.

The sweet & sour crabs are their specialty, but we couldn't see why. These Kalimantan crabs were fairly fat and meaty, but the sauce was unimpressive and the price seemed exorbitant.

The salted egg yolk crabs were a real letdown. The crab was overcooked past the point of dryness, while the salted egg flavour wasn't potent enough.

La-la steamed in ginger, wine and cili padi. Not bad but not memorable either.

Kampung chicken with Chinese herbs. The meat bordered on tasteless.

The fried potato leaves were OK. Reasonably fresh and well-prepared.

Hai Peng,
Old Klang Road.
Tel: 7982-5072


  1. Sorry, I was saying, didn't this place offer some of the cheapest crabs back then?

  2. no idea actually; this was my first time here. i can't recall how much we paid for this meal, but everyone at the table was saying that the crabs were pricey and not worth it all...

  3. wallau respect.. street food ! LOL.. hi, missed reading ur blog. good 2b back! yar...

  4. ciki: thanks :D but hey, u were gone for just a few days this time, rite. looking forward to reading about your shanghai adventures =)