Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Library @ eCurve

Click here for previous review of The Library (August 21).

A bizarre fusion creation of spaghetti with beef rendang. The rendang was thick and flavourful, comprising succulent, generously sliced beef tenderloin. But it seemed too oily and overly rich to be matched with the pasta.

Braised rabbit with creamy mustard sauce. The rabbit was OK, though somewhat tough and bony, but the sauce was bland and totally lacked oomph.

Chip & Fish, a creative reversal of fish and chips. The large chunk in the centre was actually breaded mashed potatoes, while the smaller pieces were butterfish deep-fried in beer batter.

Librarian's Margarita (tequila, mint leaves, pineapple, lime juice) & Librarian's Fling (gin, paraiso lychee, lime juice, strawberry puree).

Fucking Awesome (frangelico, mozart white, mozart dark, amarula, espresso, milk) & Quickly But Slowly (mozart black, milk, la clandestine absinthe).

The Library,


  1. I'll just go there for the happy hour beers! best value!

  2. eiling: oh ... too bad i don't really like beer =)

  3. delish! i saw this place .. totally PACKED with drinkers - the portions are EPIC!

  4. ciki: for hearty eaters and hearty guzzlers! :D