Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Craft Brews @ Mutiara Damansara

This comfy watering hole has opened near The Curve. Lotsa good grub & sparkling service.

The beers are the main attraction, so let's start this entry with drinks. Direct from Singapore's RedDot Brewhouse, we had the Monster Green Lager (brewed with spirulina) and English Ale (a ruby-red beer). RM17 for a half-pint, both were pleasantly smooth & not too strong-tasting.

Flying Dog's "Doggie Style" Classic Pale Ale and "Old Scratch" Amber Lager. Tasted like regular beer, but I'm really the wrong person to be giving any opinions on this, since I usually stick to wine and cocktails.

Skewers of roast pork wrapped with bacon. Succulent stuff, full of flavour.

Caramelized roast pork with onions, chillies and curry leaves. At first bite, this is sorta similar to Vintry's version.

Honey mustard pork back ribs. Tender and well-marinated, with an addictive sweet-salty taste that kept us munching tirelessly.

Caribbean Spice Chicken, marinated with RedDot Pilsner beer, peanuts and brown sugar. The meat was a tad too tough and surprisingly kinda bland.

Deep-fried eggplant chips coated in crispy salted egg batter. Ideal for snacking.

Tex-Mex Hickory BBQ Pork Back Ribs. Portions here are pretty hearty.

A big bowl of salad was meant to ease our guilt, but I'm not sure we finished it.

Craft Brews,
Menara Batu Kawan,
Mutiara Damansara.
Tel: 7722-3000


  1. the eggplant chips look like a great idea for a snack.. amazing how they can turn something healthy into unhealthy:P
    the caramalized pork however, just looks like one black gooey mess of ick:P haha

  2. i think i remember tryin out the beers in sg, but definitely not the green beer!

  3. When we drove past this Becks immediately exclaimed, "Must tell Sean about this, but he probably knows about it di.." Hahaha.. True enough ;) Spirulina? Hmmm..interesting..

  4. Oooh, another Porky place has open around our favourite neighbourhood mall. Yay. Agree with Ciki, the Eggplant looks good and I could smell the Caramalized Siu Yoke from here. Expensive ka?

  5. they had put flyers in BU area to inform about the opening and I drove pass it twice :)
    why didn't I go in? everytime there was a baby in tow.. lol! this kind of place is best to go with Jenn only

  6. ciki: i guess it shows how eggplant is so versatile, since it tastes terrific whether it's cooked in a healthy or unhealthy way. as for the pork, i think i'll blame my photography for how it looks, heheh...
    joe: i assume the green is the result of "natural colouring." a healthy beer, hopefully :D
    unka: heh, i purposely went to mutiara damansara (an area that's not my usual hangout) to check this place out. nearly got lost trying to find it!
    qwazymonkey: generally average neighbourhood prices. might be better to go in a group, cos there are sharing platters where u can sample smaller portions of their specialties. maybe allocate about RM20-30 per person for food...
    leo: actually if it's early in the evening, u could try taking your daughter along. it's air-conditioned inside, and not noisy or smoky at all before 9pm...

  7. wow! so many comments and its only 12pm? God i'm slow ;p
    And yea, unka says it as it is.
    Indeed Sean, it has somehow ingrained in my food outlets = "hmm..sean knwo abt tis or not?" *roll eyes * ;p

    And the person at Albion rmbrs ya!

  8. tng: everyone's idle at the office? :D actually i suspect there are DOZENS of new outlets that i dunno about. must keep eyes and ears constantly open, heheh...

  9. really a great place to dine and drink beer ... must suggest this to my friends...

  10. vialentino: yeps, perfect for spending a whole evening, chatting and drinking...

  11. You're not sure if you finished the salad?? How drunk were you?

  12. bangsar-babe: no lar, didn't drink THAT much this time. but we mostly ignored the salad and didn't even check the bowl to see if there was any remainder :D

  13. i think the only interesting dish is the egg plant with salted eggs! But it's a fattening snack!

  14. eiling: heheh, the only tasty snacks i can think of are unhealthy snacks! no carrots or celery please :D

  15. I've personally visited this place and the food is fair priced. When you consider the quality of the ingredients and the quantity they serve up, then you'll say its cheap. Simply delicious!!!
    Yes, this place is more of a drinking hole then not. Those brewpipes are interesting. If you go close enough, you'll see the pressure gauges at different PSIs. The craft beers are definitely unique in M'sia. I had 5pints and the 'pure beers' are simply smoother than the commercialized stuff brewed in the regular breweries.

  16. paul: yep, the place definitely deserves to be more well-known. tnx for the info on the brewpipes, will check em out next time =)

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