Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chao Yen @ Sunway Pyramid

Chao Yen has gotten mixed reviews over the years, but if we stick to the "Chef Speciality" items, we find that some of the food is well worth ordering.

Stewed sliced duck on tofu. Meaty and succulent. Can't ask for more than that.

Cold crab Teochew-style. Chopped up for easy eating, the crab tasted pretty fresh.

The menu listed this as pan-fried baby oyster pancake with scrambled egg. Turned out to be a boring-looking omelette, but was delicious enough to warrant a recommendation.

Bak kut teh. The only real letdown. Lots of pork, but the broth lacked flavour.

The steamed kampung chicken was OK, though there are superior versions elsewhere.

Chao Yen,
Sunway Pyramid.


  1. ok..guess tht's must be why every restaurant has their "signatures" huh..

  2. tng: yeah, though sometimes those signature dishes at some other places also fail to impress...

  3. You might've forgotten to add that Chao Yen's a Teochew and Ying Ker Lou's Hakka, Sean. =D

    Although I've only been to Chao Yen once, I wasn't too impressed by their dishes. Even my Teochew companion (who would be the best critic in the cuisine) wasn't pleased either... I do hope they've since improved the quality and taste of their signature dishes too.

  4. Waverly: heh, you're right! this is a blast from the past :D you're right, reading back on this post on chao yen, i guess there were more hits than misses. i'd like to return someday to try more of their items though =)