Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Warisan Cafe @ Royale Chulan

A bright, breezy hotel coffee house that offers a typical, rather boring buffet.

The selections include rice-stuffed pickled grape leaves, couscous and mussels...

... obligatory cold cuts, sushi and smoked salmon...

... cups of Caesar salad, avocado mousse and prawn pineapple salsa...

... slipper lobster ...

... and a pretty tasty range of desserts, especially the mousse cakes.

Warisan Cafe,
Royale Chulan.


  1. Heard a lot of this hotel..but not been here yet.

  2. tng: there seem to be lots of corporate functions organized at this hotel...

  3. rif's sister had her wedding dinner there recently. The food was terrible. It tasted quite good during the food tasting, but on the real day, the kitchen couldn't deliver.

  4. bangsar-babe: yikes! that sounds disappointing. yeah, wouldn't really recommend this outlet, since there are many other better hotel buffets in kl...

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