Monday, June 29, 2009

Kuriya @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Poised to become one of Bangsar's best and busiest restaurants, Kuriya is a lovely place with satisfying food and friendly service.

The sashimi here easily passes the freshness test. The uni left us wanting more, while the sea bream tasted as good as raw fish gets.

Customers can choose seafood from the counter and have it cooked two ways.
We ordered the sea bream after being assured that it had just been flown in from Japan. At RM150, it wasn't cheap, but the grilled half was almost as enjoyable as the sashimi. Slightly less salt might have helped.

The swordfish with leek was not as successful, but still a solid selection.

Japanese cocktails helped wash down the meal. The Ninja Water blended sake with white chocolate, while the Fruity Sling comprised sake, cherry blossom syrup, peach syrup, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, mango and soda.

Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Tel: 2093-9246

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  1. I tried to go here on Sunday and failed...they closed for unforeseen technical reasons. Sigh, guess must go again this week.

  2. ciki: yep, today would be its 11th day in operation ... but it's actually an offshoot of a singaporean chain...
    boo: that's disappointing! gosh, we just missed each other by a day, cos i went on saturday... but i guess i should be thanking my lucky stars...

  3. I just love it when the sashimi is fresh!!! But this will have to wait until I go to Bangsar area...

  4. fridays are supposed to be the safest day for fresh sashimi! :D

  5. you were in Bangsar on Sat? We were also there the same day but we ended up in Alexis instead for a very late and lazy lunch cum tea.

  6. my friend and i walked past alexis at about 5pm ... i should have peeked inside! :D

  7. prices how? looks expensive!

  8. prices not outrageous actually ... order prudently (one or two rolls, some noodles/rice, grilled stuff and teppanyaki/teriyaki/tempura) and your bill for two people will not exceed RM 100...

  9. Sushi is of poor quality (a la Sushi King) there