Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dynasty Dragon @ Subang

A Chinese outlet that's worth checking out if you're in the neighbourhood.

Their monthly promos are a bargain. For June, they're offering a platter of 10 prawns for RM2, down from the usual price of RM30. Minimum three diners.

The roast meat mix was OK but not spectacular. No complaints though.

Claypot beancurd with meatballs. The beancurd was soft and silky, but there was nothing truly memorable about this either.

Pork ribs in sweet sauce with Hawaiian nuts. Our favourite for the evening. The tender pork came in a generous portion. Crunchy nuts provided extra texture.

Fried lotus root with a nice assortment of crisp mixed veggies.

Fried rice in goose liver sauce. I was skeptical about this dish, but it turned out to be worthwhile. We couldn't really taste any distinct foie gras sauce, but the rice was somewhat creamier and more flavourful than regular fried rice.

Dynasty Dragon,
Summit Shopping Complex, Subang USJ.
Tel: 8024-9620/ 8024-6620


  1. Great find! RM2 for tht prawn-y offering? wahhh!
    Me thinks i'll like the fried rice too, as well as the pork ribs!
    And u serious? ya got no heating element in yr plc??

  2. yeah, the food here is not bad, and they have a branch in berjaya times sq too. june is almost over though, so the promo only lasts a few more days. but they should have a new promo next month. in may, it was a whole garoupa for RM 2!
    yeps, it's basically impossible for me to cook at home. i could prepare a salad since that doesn't require cooking equipment, but i wouldn't be able to even boil instant noodles.

  3. RM2 for those prawns!? What a ridiculousy good deal! The ribs with the macadamias look riveting! Wonder if those are ever going on the RM2 promo?

  4. keep tabs on their website to find out!

  5. im so happy i can eat like a fiend again, coz your food is making hungry! hah!

  6. sounds like u could use a buffet! :D