Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vanity Mansion @ Asian Heritage Row

Click here for earlier entry on Vanity Mansion (March 29).

Slowly but surely, Vanity Mansion is expanding its offerings. Now they have satisfyingly thick slices of complimentary bread, which wasn't provided previously.

Wilted romaine lettuce with smoked anchovies & poached eggs. A well-prepared recipe with a creamy blend of flavours, but the portion was too puny for the price.

Grilled king prawns with Espelette pepper angel hair pasta & capsicum puree lemon butter sauce. Fresh-tasting crustaceans with a mild-flavoured pasta. But the description on the menu was more tantalizing than the actual offering.

Pan-seared foie gras with sherry caramelized apple tart tartine & spiced chocolate sauce. Can't go wrong with foie gras; wish the serving size had been chunkier though.

Baked pineapple flan with creme fraiche custard & meringue. Tasted like a fresh-fruit version of a pineapple tart, if that makes sense.

Chocolate mousse with lime cinnamon creme chantilly & vanilla sauce. Sumptuously sweet.

Greed (white rum, galliano, orange marmalade, monin spicy mango, mango juice) & Sloth (dark rum, blue curacao, monin lychee, monin cucumber, lemon juice).

Wrath (kiwi vodka, wild strawberry liquor, monin strawberry, lemon juice, cranberry juice) & Gluttony (gin, cointreau, orange marmalade, lemon juice).

Vanity Mansion,
Jalan Kamunting.


  1. ahh..more of the 7 sins named drinks!

    I still have no hope for any outlets in that stretch really. Oh, other than Kassim Mustapha ;p

  2. Your point about the bread representing the expansion of their offerings made me snort out my nasi lemak through my nose.

  3. tng: yeps, i think i've completed all seven :D hmmm, i haven't tried kassim mustapha. but yeah, i miss the old days when asian heritage row was a hub for restaurants instead of clubbing...
    lemongrass: oh no! a waste of perfectly good nasi lemak! :D

  4. either the king prawns are too big or the pasta is too little. So which is which? haha... and what prices are we looking at for the puny sized poached egg?

  5. eiling: oh, actually that prawn pasta was a starter, so there probably wasn't supposed to be much pasta. =) i can't remember the exact price for the poached egg rite now, but i think the cost was close to rm30...
    joe: i do like the look of the place, and the menu is full of interesting items ... but so far, there are hits and misses in the food. hopefully they'll improve in time

  6. Hi Sean! was good to finally meet you :)

  7. augustdiners: likewise! it was a good dinner :D

  8. Hi Sean, my name is Daphne Nasir , and I'm head of PR and Corporate Comm for the group that owns Vanity Mansion and Envie Clublounge.
    Imagine my surprise when I decided to log on to your page on a friends recommendation and to also invite you to our place... that you've already been and gone!
    Should you have some constructive critisism to make or perhaps would like to have a natter, my e mail is daphnenasir@vanitymansion.com
    Thank you for your post and the pictures. We do appreciate you blog, and just to clarify, we are a Restaurant with club/live entertainment
    p.s. to Nomad, Lemongrass and Eiling, you are very welcome to come try our dishes, We assure you the portions are not puny. We stand by our gurantee that it will always be a delicious meal everytime or your money back. ;-)

  9. dx: hi daphne, thanks very much for responding here. i've blogged twice about vanity mansion so far, and i definitely would recommend the place. the decor is gorgeous, and the staff members are super-friendly. it's just that the food hasn't wowed me yet, but maybe the kitchen is still ironing out the kinks. i will certainly be back, since there are other interesting items on the menu that i plan to check out.