Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Georgetown Heritage @ Solaris Dutamas

A cosy kopitiam that specialises in Penang food & Nyonya recipes.

Char kuey teow. We couldn't resist ordering this, but it turned out to be mediocre, with rather puny cockles. Fell a bit short of the essential 'wok hei.'

The side dishes that come with rice seem to be a better bet. We kinda liked the Chien Chuan Egg, even though the spicy-sour gravy isn't something we generally go for.

Fried "rempah" fish. Tasted surprisingly fresh, but the sambal stuffing could have been more flavourful; methinks my grandmother used to make a better version.

Minced chicken with soft-boiled potatoes. Comfort foodish; everything on this platter tasted homemade and nourishingly wholesome.

Sambal dried prawns. Flavourful and not too spicy, with a nice, creamy texture.

Piping-hot winter melon soup. One of our favorite broths, perfectly prepared.

Georgetown Heritage,
Solaris Dutamas.


  1. Minced chicken with soft-boiled potatoes!! *hugs oneself, thinkin of the familiarity & funnily, solace.. such dish evokes*

    Eh.. tis plc rocks..(more quiet frm the bustling Solaris & chaotic Plaz Mt Kiara) Must hang out ard here more often. ;)

  2. next time you should attempt on some spicy dishes. I know it's hard but once you get used to spicy stuff, you just can't stop :) and on top of it, you can eat a lot of nice stuff
    CKT that lack wok hei is a No No... no oomphhh I'd say :)

  3. tng: yup, one of those simple but delicious dishes that we could cook for ourselves (assuming we know how to cook!). yep, it's a nice alternative to sohokl. the outlets here seem more humble and easy-going :D
    leo: yikes, my digestive system grumbles when i take malay, thai and indian curries! my tastebuds enjoy them, but my stomach feels agony! :D

  4. As a Penangite, I feel that it is my duty to go check out this place and give it my stamp of approval. :-P :-P

  5. lemongrass: u snooty islanders will give it a fail for sure! but even i must say that the ckt here is not quite up to mark :D

  6. Minced chicken with soft-boiled potatoes? I thought that dish is only cooked as home or at the "chap fan"places. wow this dish has gone up-market! lol

  7. eiling: heh, this is still quite a humble place. that minced chicken dish costs only a few ringgit, but it's a large portion that two people can share =)