Monday, April 19, 2010

Spritz @ Changkat, KL

Click here for earlier entry on Spritz (April 16).

Deep-fried olives with pork & herb stuffing. A strange but superb starter. The piping-hot, melt-in-the-mouth meat worked well with the flavour-packed olives.

Gnocchi with blue cheese cream & rocket salad. Well-prepared; not as stodgy as many versions elsewhere, though still not as fluffy as it could have been.

Spinach & ricotta cheese dumplings (malfatti) with butter sage sauce & parma ham. Hearty and heavy; best reserved for diners with voracious appetites.

Ossobucco (braised veal shank Milanese style) on a bed of saffron risotto. The rice was lacklustre, with little hint of saffron, but the marrow-filled veal was a meaty treat.

Chocolate mousse. A stunner; this might be the best chocolate mousse in the city. Spectacularly light, with a texture that could have been made in heaven. Combine that with a decadently rich cocoa flavour, and it's a recipe that we pray wasn't a fluke.

Tiramisu. Not bad, but rather ordinary in comparison to the mousse.

Spritz Bar Ristorante Italiano,
Changkat Bukit Bintang.


  1. ahhh..the not quite there yet. well at least u shortlisted Favola for non alcoholic tiramisu (whci hv yet to try..) and the choc mousse.
    I shall google wht tis malfatti is.. but i like to say it loud now.. instead of WTF..i can go malllfattyyyyy!! ;p

  2. Spinach & ricotta cheese dumplings (malfatti) with butter sage sauce & parma ham looks good.. it's about the only time i will eat anything THAT green.. that isn't green tea ice cream or salad :P

  3. by the time u try the whole menu, i predict i will finally make my way to changkat bukit bintang hehehe.

  4. Oh it all looks good and gooey. My be still, my ever-rising cholesterol levels, though! :P

  5. tng: when it comes to italian food, i'm never sure of how everything is pronounced! half the time, i just point to whatever i want on the menu, without saying the names out loud :D
    ciki: hey, aren't frogs green too? or is that just kermit? i love frog legs =)
    joe: ooh yeah this place might be deserving of another trilogy :D
    lfb: i think i'm regressing to infancy when it comes to food. i like everything soft and creamy these days, with little need to chew. infants don't need to worry about cholesterol, rite? =)

  6. I was in Bukit Bintang area last weekend :) but Changkat BB is rather far from the hotel I was staying.. so ended up in Chulan Square instead

  7. leo: chulan square used to be quite a nice place for restaurants, but many of them have closed in the last one or two years, sadly...

  8. looks like a nice cosy restaurant on Changkat. it'll be in my waiting to eat list on Changkat. lol..

  9. I'm reminded of my last Ossobucco at one (failed) Valentines dinner in Pavilion. I reckon this is a lot better, eh?

  10. eiling: yep, it's not the best restaurant at changkat, but it's still worth a visit! :D
    lemongrass: the veal was definitely better, thanks to the awesome bone marrow, but the risotto was a failure!