Friday, April 9, 2010

Ecoba @ Damansara Perdana

The buzz has been building steadily for Ecoba over the past two months, making it one of the most anticipated new outlets so far this year.

It's a terrific-looking place, with a cool, spacious interior and a lovely alfresco section that overlooks a peaceful garden.

Food hasn't been available this week, but we look forward to what the kitchen is cooking up. Expect a mix of local and Western favourites, possibly similar to what most upscale KL pubs might offer.

For now, there's beer to quench everyone's thirst after a long day at the office.

PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana.
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  1. My friend is opening an outlet here. His is asian mix western too.. will hv to ask him the name of his plc! ;)
    However, he is worried abt the crowd..cos really, that area is kinda 'secluded'?

  2. Wow. Fantastic pictures! Did you get someone to take that first pic for you?? =)

  3. tng: hmmm, hard to predict ... quite a few pubs have opened in damansara perdana over the past year, so there must be a demand for them. i suppose their customers are a mix of the office workers and residents here...
    lemongrass: ahhh, that first pic is mine, but someone else snapped that final pic :D

  4. no food just beer?? i suppose serve happy hours just fine!

  5. oo.. so near work.. i better go:)

  6. The place looks absolutely great to hang put with friends or colleagues.
    And I spotted my fav Hoegaarden beer :) crave for one now even it's only morning!!

  7. joe: food should be available before the end of april, so it's definitely worth revisiting! :D
    ciki: parking seems to be a breeze too =)
    leo: heheh, my philosophy is, it's never too early for a drink. i'm not sure i'd start at breakfast, but a beer for lunch seems fine :D

  8. Envy you la Sean. either you go to places that are not opened yet for the public or you get to go to places that are just opened!

  9. eiling: ecoba is open this week, so give it a shot if u're in that area =)

  10. is it the food expensive?

  11. Alicia: nope ... It tries to target a lot of regular office workers who come in for drinks and a decent dinner...