Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Movida @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

Movida has enjoyed a fair share of hype in recent weeks, swiftly becoming the most popular watering hole in Kota Damansara's Sunway Giza mall.

It's a stylish two-story venue that seems to appeal to a wide clientele, ranging from youths snacking on pizzas to middle-aged beer guzzlers.

Smoked salmon on mesclun leaves, tossed with citrus oil, grapes, pineapples & cheese balls. A tangy salad that came in a surprisingly generous portion.

Deep-fried whitebait, tossed with paprika & chili flakes. Could have been more crisp, but at least it wasn't too oily. Good for guilt-free snacking.

Fettuccine pesto, with scallops, parmesan, pine nuts & basil. Not the best in town; the pasta was a tad too starchy and the pesto sauce was weak.

Mojito Madness! Buy one, free one.

Grasshopper & Spanish Fly cocktails.

Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.


  1. yup..atr late nite hence me being the first to comment again. heh.

    i like the name! Movidaaaa.. sounds good and roolllllllllss off the tongue. ( not makin sense huh?)

    ok back to the food.

    Me n unka went to chk out the plc and it was stil pretty dead a month back (we didnt see Movidaaaaaaaaaa then!)
    End up both of us went to kopitiam.

    I waitn for Tao to open - its frm Pg, and the concept is Rm50 for buffet ala Tenji/Jogoya.
    By any chance do u knw if its open di?

    I crave Jap!!

  2. tng: u're making perfect sense! it's an easy name to remember, since it sounds like "movie." move it, move it! :D yeah, sunway giza is still only half-occupied, but it looks like there are new outlets opening every few weeks. tao should be launching on april 10, i think. not very optimistic about it though ... the reviews by penangites are not too positive. some say their food is biasa saja and their service is very sloooooowwww...

  3. I kept on getting smses on this Movida outlet. Can be quite irritating. The white bait goes very well with beer eh?

  4. Ah... time to re-visit Giza again :) have they started to charge parking fees?

  5. A surprisingly pleasant location (Giza, I mean). Movida - I'm still trying to figure out who their target clientele is!

  6. i suppose its not the same movida outlets in australia rite? bcos those movida r really cool tapas outlets n some dont take reservations!

    dis looks more like a club!

  7. Yup, Pg food bloggers told me same but i wan to try to see if they got better control here in KL ;)
    I find tht most buffets alws start out ok? then it deteriorates?

  8. Agree with joe, i immediately relate the name "movida" with the famous tapas place in Melbourne.
    Got me excited for one tiny moment =)

  9. movida is such a swanky name.. i agree with joe - totally looks like a club!

  10. eiling: heh, i'm not much of a beer-drinker, so i wouldn't know =) yeah, wonder how to unsubscribe to those happy hour promo smses
    leo: still no parking fees at night! and parking seems to be plentiful :D
    lemongrass: maybe the philosophy is that anyone and everyone is welcome! =)
    joe: oooh, i've actually never heard of those movida outlets in australia. but anyways, this one seems to be locally owned, and sadly, tapas aren't on the menu
    tng: yeah, i remember jogoya and tenji were both excellent when they first started, but they both went downhill, rite...
    augustdiners: yikes, i've never been to melbourne, but i guess i must check out that place if i'm ever there :D
    ciki: oh yeah, it's a kitchen + lounge + club. luckily though, the music isn't deafening if u're there before 10pm =)

  11. Hey hey, there's a Movida here too, one of the clubs at St. James Power Station and they have live bands playing Latin songs. Maybe just the same name, not under the same management. Btw, deep-fried and guilt-free don't quite go together... :P

  12. smilingkit: wah, it's such a popular name hor. yeah, this one got no live bands, and the music is mostly 90s pop! :D heheh, guilt-free cos it's not too oily or carbohydratey

  13. Somehow it looks more like a club than a restaurant.

  14. qwazymonkey: yeah, it seems to combine both, maybe to attract diners as well as clubbers ... the concept seems to be working!