Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Silver Spoon @ Bandar Menjalara

We rarely venture into the Kepong neighbourhood, but this Italian restaurant provided a worthwhile reason to stray from our usual haunts.

Silver Spoon Trattoria is still in its soft-launch phase, so we braced ourselves for some kinks with the kitchen. Surprisingly though, everything seemed reasonably polished, from the setting to the service to the servings.

Chicken liver pate. A thick, smooth spread, nicely flavoured with brandy and thyme.

Fish soup. Marvelously aromatic and fresh-tasting, though it would be even better if it contained slices of fish instead of only croutons.

Wild mushroom risotto with shaved parmesan. We can never resist ordering risotto, but this mushroom-filled platter was our least favourite item that night, since we're not really fans of mushrooms.

Homemade gnocchi with beef bacon, chili & sage in burnt butter sauce. Light, fairly fluffy and not stodgy at all. But this might be more memorable with a different sauce, since it was rather bland despite the bacon.

Liquor-soaked tiramisu. Petite, but packed with creamy sweetness.

Pistachio & chocolate gelati. Heavenly, with a mix of tiny, juicy berries by the side.

Chateau Barreyre.

Silver Spoon Trattoria,
1st Floor, Wisma Manjalara,
Bandar Menjalara.
Tel: 6277-0445


  1. Thanks for the review. Possibly the very first blog to review our restaurant! hehe hope you'll come back for more!

    Crazieaple from Augustdiners

  2. crazieapple: my pleasure! it was a good meal, and i do look forward to returning for more =)

  3. Gelato! My life has never been the same again since my recent encounter with a pistachio variant! If the gelato works at this place, pretty sure I can overlook the fact that it's in an entirely foreign neighbourhood!

  4. looks good enough for me!

    Crazieapple! you obviously don't know sean.. he is ALWAYS the 1st! LOL

  5. Ah, and that's just minutes away from my place! Perfect. Not having to brave the traffic in town for this type of food means that I can spend more time here and try more things on the menu. Pate and pistachio gelato - Kepong's really up and coming! Woohoo!

    I'm always at the other side, in a coffeeshop savouring my favourite bowl of pork noodles. Looks like I can just hop over for lunch and maybe dinner too. Can't wait! You da bomb for introducing new places like this! :)

  6. I'm a sucker for risotto as well and I lurve mushrooms! Hahaha :D Must put this place on the "To Eat" list ;)

  7. I can't imagine having such a place at of all place - Kepong! Can't wait to give them a try!

  8. dunno how to get there but I like the plates that adorned the wall.

  9. min: the gelato here is not quite as awesome as bar italia's, but it's definitely still above-average! :D
    ciki: good enough for me too! now if i'm trapped in kepong for any reason, i know there's at least one good place to makan! :D
    hairy/bob: it's the other way around for me: heading to kepong for dinner on weekdays is a traffic nightmare! i'm actually hoping that kepong doesn't become a really attractive restaurant hub, since that would mean having to battle the jam there on a regular basis =)
    unka: hope u enjoy it! but if u prefer creamy risottos, then u might not really like this one either though, cos it was more gravy-ish than creamy :D
    babe_kl: my knowledge of kepong is really lacking, though i kinda like one or two of the outlets at the desa park waterfront =)
    eiling: yeps, the decor is nice. it's suitable for various purposes: a family outing, a dinner with friends or for a date :D

  10. Comments well spoken! (although im bias but grudgingly admit they were spot on) Thanks for the pointers, i will relate them to the Chef for improvement.

    p.s to eiling- im sure mom would be delighted to hear that someone appreciate her creation. She love thinking up things like that, but unfortunately ran out of place to put at home, imagine her delight when this restaurant is open, she booked every single empty/ decoratable corner and demand no one touch it but her :D

    - Ms. Jazz

  11. ms jazz: no worries, every restaurant would always have room for improvement. and we were certainly satisfied with the meal. considering that u've just opened, u're off to a good start. and the place looks lovely; your mom should be proud of her creation =)

  12. Oh? owned and run by the Augustdiners?


    So this is like the only plc I rmbr tht u liked the gnocchi?

  13. tng: run by them and their family, i think =) heheh, still not the ideal gnocchi though. the search for that must continue!

  14. Woohoo gonna put my Garmin Asus to good use when I visit this place! (Bob says he'll take me there coz he's the human GPS, though, so looks like I shall have to wait a few more weeks till he's back!) The decor is stunning!

  15. lemongrass: if bob's place is just a few minutes away from this place, he doesn't need gps! :D but yeah, this isn't a place that i'd be able to find on my own. kepong is even more bewildering than pj

  16. whos bob? haha

    i need my gps too for this.

  17. joe: bob, aka hairyberry :D yeah, even after printing out a map of manjalara and using it to get there from the ldp, we still got lost near the end...

  18. It's too easy to even get lost!! just opposite from the Desa Park Cityt roundabout.. =p

  19. crazieapple: heh, for those of us who nearly never enter kepong, it's like a maze! :D

  20. You have to go back and try the shrimp ravioli in creamy tomtato. At least I think that's the name :D

    One of the chefs, Chef Ken used to operate Ken's Cafe around the Area too, then he went to Australia, and came back to open silver spoon with some friends.