Thursday, April 8, 2010

Samsaraa @ Sri Hartamas

This celebrity-owned restaurant is a pleasant place to spend an evening; the setting is cheerful and relaxed, service is sparkling and the food is satisfying.

Pumpkin & carrot soup with croutons. A visual delight, with the pumpkin and carrot portions neatly separated. Also a treat for the tastebuds; thick and flavour-packed.

Pan-fried dory with coconut sauce. Fairly fresh-tasting fish, soaked in a sweet and spicy sauce that was quite addictive. We used the crinkle-cut fries to mop it all up.

Roasted chicken with "Harith's kampung herb sauce." Tender meat combined with creamy gravy and mashed pumpkin for simple, wholesome comfort food.

Cholesterol Buster & Super Skin fruit-veggie juices.

Jalan Sri Hartamas.


  1. Saw this on the papers the other day. Glad you made a visit, Lord knows I was skeptical about celebrity-owned places. LOL

    I love a good and thick pumpkin carrot soup. Can't wait to try it! Where in Hartamas is this?

  2. WAh.. the drinks also so healthy. Must go try soon ;)

  3. so who is the celebrity whom owns this place. I like the minimalist design. looks stylish with black and red themes.

  4. u r just damn fast, i read on the papers yesterday too! and today voila!

  5. can't wait to try this place. how did they separate the pumpkin and carrot portions? so cute!

  6. Jalan Sri Hartamas?? Any landmark???

  7. Oooh yes read this the other day too and wondered how many blinks of an eye before I'd see you blog about it here! :-P Looks comforting enough, but crinkle cut fries? Really? They never did me wrong but I could've sworn they're banished from celeb dining sphere!

  8. qwazymonkey: it looks like it's off to a good start, in terms of food quality. the menu looked dull, but we enjoyed everything that we ordered. this is on that row of shops on the residential side of hartamas.
    tng: yeps, they've also got other drinks named energy booster, etc :D
    eiling: harith iskandar (and his fiancee). yeah, it's quite a simple-looking place, nothing too fancy =)
    joe: heheh, was actually there for dinner on tuesday :D
    lemongrass: it's a mystery to me too, especially since i've never made soup before in my life!
    leo: it's on the same row as aunty nat's and bulldog pub, in the housing area of hartamas (away from desa sri hartamas)
    min: yeah, we were worried too when we first saw those fries! but they were as well-prepared as crinkle-cut fries can be: crisp and not oily on the outside, moist and piping-hot inside :D

  9. yarmie! patrick will be pleased!

  10. ciki: yikes! who's patrick?!

  11. Lovely! I enjoyed my meal jz now ;)

  12. tng: good to hear that! i hope they expand their menu a bit more though =)