Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Uma @ Kota Damansara

Despite the proliferation of Balinese restaurants in the Klang Valley, this might be the only non-halal one for now (though there's no "babi guling" here, boo hoo!)

The Uma's specialty is "Nasi Ratus," a platter of black-eyed pea rice with sate lilit, shredded chicken & veggie salads, stir-fried long beans & spiced potato fries. It's a hearty, wholesome serving that's simple yet satisfying.

Assam-marinated pork satay. A bit too chewy and not meaty or flavourful enough.

Steamed duck. A luscious recipe. Succulent, fall-off-the-bone meat in a marvelous herbal broth that we would have licked clean if we had been hungrier.

Babi Kicap Manis. Marvelous comfort food, with a home-cooked feel. The pork was chunky but tender, making this a real carnivore's delight.

Grilled chicken. Sufficiently juicy and aromatic to recommend.

The Uma,
The Strand, Kota Damansara.
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  1. Been meaning to visit like forever.. but yr post got me even more worked -up now!!
    They do a good duck too! too bad abt the satay..hw could they mess that up??

  2. tng: ya, i finally managed to get to kota damansara! :D ya, had high hopes for the satay, since it was pork, but it turned out to be the one disappointment here...

  3. I still haven't quite explored the Balinese restaurants here in KL (save for one or two), mostly because I'd rather pay a visit to Bali first (so cheap to travel mah), then make a comparison. I think I shall do it this year!

  4. lemongrass: ya, i doubt any of kl's balinese outlets can hold a candle to the real deal. i haven't been to bali yet though, so i'm the last person who should make comparisons! :D

  5. Strange though, my one and only trip to Bali left me a rather blah impression of the food. Mind you, this was before we had the wonderful proliferation of food blogs to ensure we never have another bad meal! This place threatens my well laid plans to vegetarianism... visit I shall!

  6. wah this looks interesting! And it's non halal! I like. At least I would like to try a steamed duck!

  7. min: u know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men! hope u enjoy the food here, perhaps enough to plan a revisit to bali? :D
    eiling: ya, it's a bit different from the usual balinese restaurants elsewhere. give it a shot =)

  8. Uma. Uma-mama. Uma Thurman. Hee. Can you tell I like the names? :P

    This looks like another place for a seasoned babitarian to visit, but aye, it cleaves the heart to know that no babi shall be guling-ed here. :P

  9. Lfb: uma, oprah. Oprah, uma. =) these lips of mine have never touched Babi guling. Patience may not be my best virtue, but in this matter, I have little choice, sigh

  10. whats the price range like?

  11. BY: can probably have a filling meal for about RM30 per person