Friday, April 16, 2010

Spritz @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

The unbelievable has happened. Another Italian restaurant has opened at Changkat, joining the endless multitude of spaghetti-serving outlets in this neighbourhood.

Spritz is a good-looking place with pleasant service, but it might have trouble distinguishing itself from the crowd. One potential plus point: it serves pork.

Complimentary bread with olives. The restaurant still seems to be in its soft-launch stage, so the most interesting items on the menu are not available for order yet.

Parma ham & rocket pizza, laden with enough ham to make each bite a thin-crust delight.

Prosecco Batasiolo Sette Cascine (Italy).

Spritz Bar Ristorante Italiano,
Changkat Bukit Bintang.
Tel: 2141-2789


  1. Ahh..looks like a re-visit is in order for u!

  2. ciki: the more the merrier, when it comes to Italian restaurants!
    tng: will definitely be back!

  3. wah an Italian restaurant in Changkat! So do they serve spritzer water?!! haha

  4. eiling: yeah, that's probably the first impression that comes to mind! but it's a catchy name :D

  5. Ah... back again after a few days hiatus!
    will be in downtown KL area tomorrow and Sunday but doesn't plan to drive. Instead, Jenn & I decide to walk to places within walking distance from Westin :)

  6. leo: ooh, wish i was gonna be in that area this weekend, so that i could finally meet u guys! still hoping that we can schedule something on a weekday someday, okie...

  7. Damn too many Italian restaurants. Sean's happy, I'm sure. I better start learning to appreciate pizza. Sigh.

  8. lemongrass: it's ok, u can just skip the pizzas and indulge in the pastas :D