Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hutong & Isetan FoodMarket @ Lot 10

Click here & here for earlier entries on Hutong (Nov. 16 & Feb. 13).

Imbi Road Pork Noodles. A recent addition here. We had a hearty helping of loh shi fun soaked in minced pork, which came with a soup comprising meatballs and dried sausage.

Happy to see that Ho Weng Kee (from SS2) was still open that evening.

Finally tried their noodles, but it failed to live up to expectations. The char siew was tough, while the noodles tasted ordinary; the light and pillowy wantan was worthwhile though.

Returned to Hon Kee Porridge to check out some of their side dishes.

We ordered the works: pork innards, pork meatballs, crispy pork intestines, raw fish & century egg. Absolutely delicious!

Also hopped over to Isetan's supermarket on the same floor for wine, which we drank at their "bar," paying a mere RM30 for two small bottles that yielded four glasses.

Refreshingly chilled. If only we could have brought this over to Hutong.

Hutong & Isetan FoodMarket,
Lot 10.


  1. The wantan mee looks really sad ;p
    But the porridge consistently good yea?
    i wonder if that cheeky doe thing is stil there ..& the Petit Le Bouchon?

  2. There's a BAR here? Been a while since I saw those small bottles, they're the perfect size really to rehabilitate those greedy folks with no self control who are inclined to polish off whatever full-sized bottle they open. Oh wait, that's me.

  3. tng: maybe i'm just not a wantan mee person. but yeah, the quality control for the porridge is pretty admirable. haven't checked out cheeky doe and that other one, but i don't think that any of the stalls have closed down yet =)
    min: yep, from hutong, just walk over to the isetan supermarket and look for the booze section, where you can buy and drink wine on the spot (glasses are provided, but there are no seats, so you'll have to stand at the counter)! i have scant self-control too; it was tempting to buy several of those tiny bottles! :D

  4. I wonder how are the prices like in Lot10 compared to their original outlets? I have not been to Hutong :P

  5. eiling: apparently the dishes here cost about 10-30 percent more, compared to the original outlets. but i guess it's more comfortable and convenient to eat here (for some of us, heheh)

  6. yeah because of the air con right?!! lol

  7. eiling: u read my mind! :D