Thursday, April 15, 2010

National Geographic Cafe @ Lot 10

Now's the best time to check out the National Geographic store's in-house cafe, before the shopping mall crowds start flooding this oasis of calm.

The focus here is pinchos _ Spanish-influenced nibbles that are more affordably priced than the tapas at La Bodega and other similar outlets.

Tuna with chopped tomato. Fresh-tasting, like pretty much every platter here.

Guacamole with nachos. Creamy but light; better than versions at Tex-Mex outlets.

Olives and orange. A strange combo, but fans of olives might enjoy it. The orange strips provided a sweetness that helped to balance out the olives' saltiness.

Well-marinated prawn skewers. Reasonably juicy too.

Mixed veggie bruschetta, liberally doused with what seemed like olive oil.

Deep-fried Manchego cheese. Nicely prepared; crisp and not oily at all.

Mushroom bruschetta. Thick, warm and creamy; even someone like me who isn't a mushroom fan could relish this.

Not sure how satay found its way onto the menu, but this was nonetheless satisfactory. Tender, flavourful chicken, with ketupat and chunky peanut sauce.

Open-face salmon sandwich. Probably the heartiest item, perhaps also the healthiest.

Deep-fried feta cheese. Piping-hot and utterly addictive.

Roasted piquillo pepper bruschetta. Not spicy, but high in fibre.

Potato-stuffed omelette. Pure comfort food.

Watermelon with anchovies. The closest thing to dessert. Not as foul as it sounds.

Spanish beer & Sangria.

Wine is available by both the glass and the bottle. No cocktails so far though.

National Geographic Cafe,
Lot 10.


  1. Too bad Tan Sri didn't grace you with his presence. =) Lovely pictures, Sean.

  2. lemongrass: maybe he ended up at teeq instead! :D thanks! half the battle was won because of the lighting, heheh.

  3. Everything looks delicious here, time to pay a visit to Lot10 for food rather than just ROOTZ

  4. Deep-fried feta cheese sounds damn just made me hungrier!

  5. thats alot of tapas and the sticks come in handy, dont hav to end up with oily hands!

  6. Hopefully there will be more joints like this in Lot10, it need to stay alive!

  7. augustdiners: yup, there are quite a few worthwhile eateries at lot 10 now. teeq at the top, nat geo cafe in the middle, and hutong at the basement! :D
    bangsar-babe: for once, i feel stuffed looking at all that food! =)
    joe: yeah, and for someone like me who doesn't wash his hands before eating, it's also more hygenic! :D
    babe_kl: yeah, the mall still seems kinda dead inside in the evenings. hopefully the lunch crowds are bigger...

  8. ooh the food looks delicious and interesting too. Nice spanish food for a change. Which means I need to explore Lot10 sometime soon!

  9. Looks good! I missed their launch..darn..

  10. eiling: yeah, too bad it's pork-free though, otherwise it would be even more authentic :D
    tng: but u probably had more fun in singapore, heheh...

  11. Oooh, nice pics and boy do u have a rubber stomach! That could feed a tiny island off the coast of africa somewhere on that giant map hanging on the wall (i'm assuming there's one)!

  12. qwazymonkey: heh, i reckon that eating is my special superpower! do check out this store the next time u're near lot 10 ... there are lots of interesting knickknacks, from backpacks to books to maps! :D

  13. I passed the Sg one in vivo city but i didnt go in! Darn. else I could hv made a comparison. Hehe.
    But i think the food looks worth trying out!

  14. tng: maybe the outlet there serves pork! but yeah, it's pretty good, considering the cafe is only one part of their business ...

  15. Looks like a sorta tapas heaven... :)

  16. lfb: i've actually got a trip to madrid planned for september, so all this is a warm-up for the REAL tapas heaven :D