Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sao Nam @ Tengkat Tong Shin

Still a popular draw, thanks to its consistently delicious food.

Sao Nam's star recipe, the mangosteen & prawn salad, deserves all the acclaim it has reaped. Plump tiger prawns, succulent mangosteens, grated coconut, peanuts, sesame seeds, dried squid flown from Vietnam and the chef's kumquat dressing.

Vietnamese crispy pancake, stuffed with minced chicken, prawns & bean sprouts, enhanced with coconut milk, turmeric powder & spring onions, served with fish dip. Fun to eat, with lots of crisp leaves to make it seem like a healthy order.

Grilled fish wrapped in pate. Memorably fascinating, with a melt-in-the-mouth creaminess that made each bite a pleasure.

Stir-fried beef with five-spice powder & pink pepper simmered with young coconut. Succulent meat in a thick, aromatic gravy.

Chicken stewed in caramel sauce. Sweet-&-salty comfort food.

Ciku smoothie, mango smoothie and iced lemon tea.

Hardys Rose 2007. A light wine with fruity flavours.

Sao Nam,
Tengkat Tong Shin.


  1. Ah... remember going into Sao Nam one Sat afternoon just for dessert & drink with Jenn. We were actually full but waiting for someone... guess what? This place had left a very good impression on us... thinking of going back for proper meal but the better bet will be their Plaza Damas outlet

  2. Leo: ya, their menu at plaza damas is quite similar, so it's definitely worth checking out if u dun wanna head into the city. The mangosteen salad is sometimes not available though, depending on the season n supply

  3. Ahh.. mangosteens in a salad! cant wait to try that!!
    (yup, noted yr comment to Leo)
    And ciku smoothie! U must be grinning frm ear to ear seein tht on the menu huh? ;p

  4. The mangosteen & prawn salad looks really delectable. Speaking of mangosteen, be nice to have some durian after that... durian sago dessert, anyone?

  5. Tng: oh ya, I was crossing my fingers that they wouldn't say that the ciku smoothie wasn't available! =)
    lfb: hmmm not a fan of durians... Except for those chilled durian mousse pancakes! :D

  6. Wait!! Wasn't this closed down some time ago? I was just lamenting with a colleague last week about how there are no noteworthy Viet restaurants after Sao Nam closed its doors!

  7. Min: yikes! This was a fairly recent visit, just last month. Maybe their plaza damas branch is closed? Hopefully not both!!!

  8. still going strong eh.. i too love the food here! damas one was open wor, when i last went.. 2mths ago :P

  9. Oh sao nam is there for quite a long time. Max used to be next to it right? I haven't tried this place though but the food looks good!

  10. ciki: oooh, then which one has closed since then? or both?! we must investigate! :D
    eiling: ya, sao nam has survived at tengkat tong shin for a very long time (even before max! opened), but i guess that's thanks to its reputation for excellent food! =)