Monday, April 12, 2010

Suishin @ Solaris Mont Kiara

There's no lack of Japanese restaurants in Mont Kiara, but Suishin is still a welcome addition, with a menu that offers something for everyone.

We zeroed in on several yakitori items during a supper stop here. The skewered chicken skin proved to be crisp and sinfully fatty.

Chicken with fish roe & fried egg strips. The meat was tender and seemed well-marinated, though the roe made little difference.

Chicken tail. Had a pleasantly smoky taste and a fragrant aroma.

Sashimi in chef's sauce. Probably not the best way to savour the clean flavours of the raw fish, since the sourish sauce was rather overpowering.

Amberjack head. Superbly meaty, satisfyingly succulent flesh.

Gavi di Gavi Italian white.

Suishin Restobar,
5-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Solaris 1,
Solaris Mont Kiara.
Tel: 6203-6642


  1. 1st flr of what building? it is in a condo?
    Was thinkin tht there was too little food for Sean's dinner ;) . Then i realized ohh..its "late supper stop" ;p

  2. tng: just one of those rows of shophouses at solaris mont kiara, facing the main road actually. heheh, yep, this was a post-dinner meal last week :D

  3. ahh.. I like Gavi. Hey chicken tail?!! Is there a chicken tail? or was it chicken butt? hehe

  4. wow, just when u think they can't open any more shops in the area, they go and open ANOTHER SHOP IN THE AREA!

    Solaris Dutamas gonna be another place that will mushroom rest. like crazy for sure.. sigh, life is good:)

  5. more japanese restaurants are good..good for my belly..hehehe

  6. eiling: i think that was my first time trying gavi, and it was pretty good and very reasonably priced too! heh, the menu listed it as bonjiri, or chicken tail in brackets. but yep, it's the butt or hip, whichever is more polite :D
    ciki: yeah, i love the whole solaris mont kiara/ dutamas area. there seem to be restaurants opening every other week (though sadly, there are also restaurants closing down every other month)!
    joe: yeps, we can never have too many japanese and italian restaurants, as long as they're actually good :D

  7. Solaris is just bursting at its seams... kinda reminds me of my waistline if I don't stop hyperventilating with all these new options to gorge and guzzle!

  8. min: i like how solaris has a nice mix of food options, ranging from mid-price to high-end, with western and eastern food all accounted for. but yeah, i'm also concerned about how my waistline has grown three inches in the past two years. age is cruel!

  9. Skewered chicken skin?? You eat the fattiest, mostest nicest food! I is jelez... >.<

  10. need to search for this place :)
    Jenn will definitely love it

  11. Nice find! Late night supper here i come!

  12. bangsar-babe: but there are consequences, since the food is gradually adding to my waistline! =)
    leo: ahhh u'll have no problem finding it! just remember it's on the first floor of the shop lot, not the ground floor :D
    qwazymonkey: kitchen here closes at 11.30pm, so there's definitely enough time for supper! =)

  13. Went there last nite. The food was just average. But please don't ever order the fried rice. It came in this tiny bowl, so every rice grain also cannot be wasted! Haha.

    Quite disappointed with the waitress, can't speak/explain properly in English and worse, dont know what the dishes are!

    The other Jap place above Maybank, that's much better.

  14. deb: yikes, sorry to hear your meal was a letdown. i haven't been back here for a few months, but i do hope they haven't gone down the drain so quickly already...