Monday, September 7, 2009

Wasabi Bistro @ Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Wasabi Bistro is worth hunting out for some creative Japanese cuisine.

The setting is elegant and uncluttered; the service is warm and polished.

Ahi Poke (Hawaiian-style marinated tuna). A bit too salty. Left us thirsty later.

Kumi's No. 1 Special (crab & avocado topped with white fish and baked in a secret sauce). Their signature dish: a gooey blend that's probably as comforting as baby food.

Super California Roll (crab meat, avocado and grilled eel). The kabayaki sauce was kinda overpowering, but we liked the warm, soft combo of ingredients.

Papaya Motoyaki (papaya stuffed with seafood in a mayonnaise-based sauce). A treasure trove of sauteed shrimp, scallops, mushrooms and peppers. Lotsa fun to dig through.

Hawaii Sunrise cocktails (plum wine with soda and crushed ice). There was some kind of light inside the crushed ice that gave the glasses a glowing effect.

Something more traditional: warm sake to wash down the meal.

Wasabi Bistro,
Mandarin Oriental.


  1. Now this is more like it! I like this Sean better.

    Anyway, this place looks refurbished. But then again, it's been a while since I last makaned here. A good 5 years or so. Food's just so-so from your review though. Think I'll stick to my tried and tested Japanese joints

  2. 5 years! that's like 25 years in a restaurant's lifespan, rite? but ok, maybe someday u can return here and reminisce about 2004. =)

  3. I knw the owner, he owns some condos here in KL.. hehe.. wanted to organise a foodie review but he said he doesnt need one! LOL.

  4. went there ages ago, the food at the highest quality...

  5. when it comes to Mandarin Oriental, rest assured that they set a very high standard on their food... but then it's also over-priced. I guess it's the price that we have to pay for the freshest ingredients and 5-star dining experience.

  6. nomad: aiyo, sombongnya! but yeah, i guess they've managed to survive this long without any help. :D
    wilson: glad to hear you enjoyed it! =)
    leo: yeah, sigh ... especially when it comes to japanese outlets at hotels! cut-throat...