Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aseana Cafe @ KLCC

Aseana Cafe has developed a bad reputation, but the food isn't THAT awful.

Keropok lekor. Very generous portion, though it tasted more of flour than fish.

Gado-gado, comprising assorted veggies, squid, egg and peanut sauce. Everything was fresh and crunchy, but the mix wasn't flavourful enough to compete with, say, Subak's.

Marble cheesecake, chocolate brownie and carrot cake. Decent but unmemorable.

Iced Cappuccino & Aseana White (coconut milk, blackgrass jelly, brown sugar).

Aseana Cafe,
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  1. Haha, can there be a more grudging pass-only review of mediocre food? Good on you folks for giving it a go despite the rep!

  2. 500ml: yeah, sigh. mediocrity is better than flat-out awfulness, but it's still wasted potential!

  3. look promising though, except the lekor. too much flour, asyou said.
    love those T'ganu/K'tan REAL ones.
    thick, fishy and yummy.

  4. j2kfm: yeah, i only recently discovered those real ones, and i finally understand their appeal! :D

  5. the gado-gado looks unappealing and weird.

  6. The place is not that bad actually. You should also try their Pisang goreng ala Bali. Quite nice that, with some juicy bananas! :)

  7. leo: i haven't had much experience with gado-gado, so i'm not sure about its weirdness :D
    curiouscats: ooh, i think i recall seeing that on the menu. will remember to check it out next time. thanks for the tip =)

  8. I hate this place, Sean... I've only been here once or twice but the food is always below par.

  9. christine: aha! so u're the one who's responsible for aseana's bad rep!

  10. LOL, if only I actually had that much clout! :P