Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mei Keng Fatt @ Kuala Ampang

We headed here before the hordes of hungry patrons poured in after 7 pm.

Winter melon soup. Would be better if there were more seafood in this.

Kampung otak-otak beancurd. Crisp on the outside, soft and sweet inside.

Chilli crab. Is this Malaysian or Singaporean? Either way, an enjoyable recipe.

Marmite pork ribs. Not bad but not memorable. No more ordering Marmite dishes!

Beehoon kam heong crab. Less oil & salt would make this more pleasurable.

Braised pork trotter. Seemed overcooked, since the meat was too tough.

Mei Keng Fatt,
Off Jalan Awan, Kuala Ampang.
Tel: 4256-6491


  1. mix of good and bad :D

  2. I like Salted Egg crab wayyyy better. The Singaporeans can have Chilli Crab! :-P

  3. too far away from home and since the food was not that great, can give this place a miss :)

  4. 550ml: i'm actually a newbie to chili crab, but i'm liking it! :D
    leo: yeah ... or maybe there was better stuff that i should have ordered...

  5. chilli crabs have been around since ages. yet NOW only we're fighting for the rights to call them our own?
    aiyo. then might as well patent butter crabs, steamed crabs, salted egg crabs,etc.

  6. j2kfm: oh well, it started out as a publicity effort, but it seems to have backfired.
    am waiting for some place to start serving durian crabs :D

  7. you know,google Makan Sutra ( a food 'historian' in S'pore who has his own show and shop),you'd know that Chilli Crab originates from S'pore (where the originator is still alive) which was part of M'sia...
    Does it matter?! M'sia has so many delicious and unique dishes second to none, why fight with s'pore? Ai....

  8. sofood: heh, it's become a tradition that we fight with singapore over everything =)

  9. Revisited Mei Keng Fatt. Very disappointed. Expensive, bad food, stewed pig trotter tasted like straw. On complain, capt recooked and sent back to us!! Imagine!! Same straw taste, he walked away. Steamed egg overcooked Capt mumbled sometimes this happened. 5 people RM250.Other dishes, soup, yam cup, lala & kangkong. Will NOT go back again.

  10. ting: yikes, that's terrible. yeah, it sounds like there are better places elsewhere to head to for this cny season...