Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shook! @ Starhill Feast Gallery, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Still the most bustling spot at Starhill, even on a weekday night after 11 pm.

The menu is so extensive, we'd have to eat here everyday for a month to try everything. On our most recent visit, we ordered at least one item from all four of the Japanese, Italian, Chinese and grilled food sections.

Gnocchi verdi with pecorino cheese and sauteed spinach. Very mild-tasting, but we liked the fluffy texture of the gnocchi. The spinach added an unusual touch to one of the healthiest gnocchi dishes we've ever had.

Truffle-scented risotto with forest mushrooms. Am not a big fan of mushrooms, but this was worthwhile. The scent of truffles permeated every grain.

Goose noodles in superior broth. We enjoyed this more than we thought we would, thanks to the tender, flavourful goose meat. Fortunately, the soup didn't make the meat soggy.

Grilled black Canadian cod with sweet soy-seasoned teriyaki sauce. Can't go wrong with cod, though it can be a bit boring. Chalk it up to a jaded palate.

Classic American-style Wagyu beef burger with melted cheddar cheese, fries and Caesar salad. A staggering portion that nearly killed off the two of us.

Shook Pizza, with roasted bell peppers, salami, anchovies, onions and smoked salmon. Failed to impress. Nothing wrong with it, but you'll find more satisfying pizzas elsewhere.

Angove's Shiraz Cabernet 2007. Went well with nearly everything.


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  1. It's been such a long while since I last dined here. Glad to know that it's still as busy as ever and not tainted by the economy.

  2. That's a huge meal, unless the pics deceive and they were small servings? Generally suspicious of kitchens that attempt to handle several distinct cuisine, but these guys pull it off somehow!

  3. is that ur version of a 3 course meal? 3 mains each?

  4. qwazymonkey: when u look at how the hotel buka puasa crowds are spilling over to the lobbies and ballrooms, u gotta wonder, what recession?
    550ml: pics don't lie, rite? :D if my memory doesn't deceive me, they actually have four separate kitchens. but whatever they're doing, they should just keep doing it! :D
    joe: i feel less guilty cos i usually skip dessert! =)

  5. u sure have a big appetite :) I don't know if I can even finish the main course alone... actually have to think of my waistline too! Been gaining weight quite a lot lately.. lol!!!
    So... not going anywhere this Raya??

  6. leo: yeah, u'll find that it gets even worse after u turn 30! my waistline is creeping up too.
    my raya will be spent entertaining relatives who are visiting from malacca. will be taking them to tai chow places across the klang valley :D

  7. Goose noodles? But I dun see no noodles! *whines kenny*

    (Did I just say 'no noodles'? Egads.)

  8. lfb: don't blame mee! i didn't noodle with the pictures! :P