Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chalet @ Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The grande dame is no longer a hugely popular draw, but she's aging with dignity.

There's a comforting sense of familiarity here; you can be assured of a decent meal.

Pan-fried foie gras with caramelized apple slices flamed in calvados brandy.

The Chateaubriand au Poivre, a thick cut from the tenderloin that's sufficient for two diners, is prepared at the table.

Flamed with black peppercorns and cognac. Would I dare attempt this? No way!

It's a hearty steak that would excite raging carnivores (this photo only shows half of it). The taste is satisfactory but not spectacular.

Dinner here would be kinda incomplete without the Sabayon Du Chalet, also known as the "dancing dessert" because a parade of restaurant staff members take turns to whip the sabayon into shape while dancing the twist.

They're accompanied by a house band of folk singers with a penchant for hits from the '60s and '70s, especially Elvis chestnuts like "Wooden Heart."

Ta-da! The cold egg-based dessert is a subtly sweet, silky finish to the meal.

Oh wait. We also had dainty popsicles of ice cream coated in chocolate.

Chilean Anakena Reservado Merlot. Went perfectly with the beef.

Equatorial Hotel.
Tel: 2161-7777


  1. I think the sabayon is worth a visit back to the chalet. Just the thought of all the staff member taking turns to whipped it up to some tacky mariachi band is very tempting.

  2. does look like the place has not been renovated since the 80s!

  3. I only remember two things about Equatorial hotel...
    1) my family used to stay here occasionally whenever my dad wanted to come to KL (apart from Pan Pacific Hotel)... remember swimming in their pool too :P

    2) their Japanese buffet...

    That's all!

  4. qwazymonkey: hey, they're not tacky, they're wholesome entertainment! they take requests, so you can think of some golden oldies that you'd like to hear them sing =)
    joe: yeah, it looks like it's been around for ages. i don't think they need to revamp the place, but it could use some brightening up :D
    leo: gosh, it's been around that long, huh? i've never stayed here or swam at their pool or tried their japanese buffet though =)

  5. yes.. very long. I was about 12 years old back then.. lol!!!
    Jenn told me that their Japanese buffet is quite good. Maybe u can check it out... but I mind you, her last visit was 7-8 years back!!!

  6. I was like "where is this???" . i'm not old enuf...

  7. the hotel might be older than you!!!

  8. Are the Spice Girls considered golden oldies?

  9. qwazymonkey: victoria would not appreciate being called a golden oldie!

  10. I love how they do the sabayon here. One fella used to do the twist when he whisked the sabayon. Sigh, good old memories abt Chalet.

  11. boo: the place does seem drenched in nostalgia :D

  12. Hi there,

    I would like to know if Chalet is really good as I thought of going there in Dec. How about the price range? Is it more dear than Lafite, Shangri-la? And oh..about caviar...I believe Chalet do serve it right... :) Thanks!! :)

  13. steph: yep, chalet is good but old-fashioned, so some ppl prefer lafite, senses, etc ... it's expensive but not as much as lafite. and yes, they do serve caviar, but that's the priciest item, which probably costs hundreds of ringgit. hope u enjoy your dinner, wherever u decide to go :D

  14. This is nice^^ Wanna go soon....

  15. clumsychic: yep, it's an oldie but goodie! :D