Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aunties Ssam @ Imbi

Slightly off the beaten track, but Aunties Ssam is worth seeking out for well-prepared Chinese fare with a few tantalizing twists here and there.

Their signature durian pork ribs are a treat. The thick durian coating adds a creamy dimension to the ribs, which would already taste decadent on their own.

Fish head curry. Packed with meaty chunks of fish, but tasted kinda ordinary.

Salted egg fried rice. It's worth returning simply for this fluffy, flavourful rice. The fragrance of salted egg seemed to permeate every grain.

Aunties Ssam,
21, Jalan Kemuning, Off Jalan Imbi.
Tel: 2148-6706


  1. seems tht i hv to hit this place alone. will jz order the fried rice and pork then!

  2. OMG, I am starving from having missed dinner last night, and this is calling out to me like the voiceover in a trippy, existentialist film! Dare I venture to Imbi on Sunday, oh dear...

  3. Ooo.. durian pork ribs sounds interesting!

  4. Pork ribs with durian? Wow! that's so new to me! Is it good? Does it smell pungent?

  5. Good to see, wish to eat..

  6. nomad: those two dishes are perfect for one diner, but u could even organize an entire makan outing here cos there are lots of other nyonya items!
    550ml: sunday is the best day to venture to imbi! u won't face the usual traffic jam there...
    christine: yeps, i've never seen it anywhere else.
    selba: yeah, if you don't like durian, you probably won't enjoy the ribs, cos the smell is pretty strong...
    prash: hope you get the chance soon. =)

  7. qwazymonkey: as tasty as petai pork burgers! :D