Friday, September 18, 2009

Shanghai @ JW Marriott, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

After so many years in business, this place is still consistently churning out sumptuous Shanghainese delights.

Traditional Cheng Kong homestyle ham. Tender and subtle in flavour.

Boiled duck eggs. We'd have eaten this all night if not for cholesterol anxiety!

Steamed pork rib wrapped in bamboo leaves. Perfectly prepared.

Yellow fish cooked with rice wine. The fish was fresh but forgettable.

Baked Royal Bridge fluffy dumplings stuffed with pork, chives and scallions.

Steamed Shanghainese meat dumplings. The best in town? Maybe.

Fried rice with ham and truffle oil. Nicely done but not especially memorable.

Shanghai layer cake with custard and salted egg yolk. A perennial delight.

Complimentary dessert stuff brought a sweet end to a satisfying meal.

Nu Er Hong Chinese wine. Too much of a good thing. A few glasses of this would have sufficed, instead of an entire bottle.

JW Marriott.

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  1. Cholesterol anxiety?? Oh you joke... as if that's even on the radar! :-P What are those served on the side of the duck eggs? They look like chopped innards? Duck innards?

  2. Man, do you eat like this EVERY night? O the decadence of it all.... :)

  3. 550ml: what WERE those things? i'm terrible when it comes to identifying ingredients in chinese food. ermm, they look like peanuts to me :D
    lfb: culinary orgies are my speciality!

  4. I remember hearing this restaurant's ad in MyFM a lot of times when I still worked in KL... something about a friend who wanted to bring her friend to shanghai but her friend who looked like she has no clue claiming that she needs passport and the air tickets are expensive to go to shanghai...quite quirky I'd say.

  5. leo: hehe, i don't recall those ads (i guess cos i don't listen to myfm!!!), but yeah, that's cute :D