Monday, September 14, 2009

Vintage Bank @ Kuala Lumpur Hilton

A pleasant place to hang out if you're looking for light bites with some booze.

The complimentary bar snacks might actually have been enough to fill us up, but there were other items on their menu that tempted us better.

Rocinante goat's cheese (semi-soft cheese soaked in red wine for 3 days, with a mild flavour tinged with floral undertones of the wine) and Valdeon Blue Cheese (traditionally covered in maple leaves, this is creamy, crumbly cheese, intense on the palate).

Oysters with different dressings: tobbiko roe & spring onion; lemongrass, chilli & coriander tabasco sauce; apple cider & black pepper vinegar.

Brandy Alexander (brandy, creme de cacao, cream) & Brandy Ice (cognac, kahlua, bailey's, fresh cream).

Caipiroska (citron vodka, fresh lime, sugar) & Silk Stocking (tequila, creme de cassis, creme de cacao white, fresh cream).

Vintage Bank,
Hilton KL.


  1. And all along I tot oysters are eaten with Tabasco only ! much to learn abt fine-dining.. ;p

  2. we all have stuff to learn about food. i still get a lot of things mixed up too, especially for chinese food, but hopefully we'll have many years ahead of us to learn! :D

  3. Gawd.. ur killing me!

    looks damn good.
    sex, i mean snacks.

    very very good indeed:P

  4. Me, I just want another Brandy Alexander pweety pwease? :)

  5. ciki: alas, all those aphrodisiacs ultimately went to waste later that night ;)
    lfb: whoaaa, at 12 noon? the monday blues must really be getting to ya, huh :P