Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Apartment @ KLCC

Click here for previous review of The Apartment (March 29, The Curve).

Oyster shots with three different dressings: ceviche Peruvian citrus & tomato; Apartment-style lemongrass, ginger, cucumber, lime & mint; "Trina's choice" of soya, wasabi, lemon & coriander. They all tasted terrific, though it was tricky trying to figure which was which.

Crab and salmon cakes with chili lime aioli. Addictively scrumptious.

Clams in creme fraiche & white wine. We wiped the sauce clean with bread.

Peking duck rolls (crepes wrapped around roast duck with cucumbers, spring onions & plum chutney with orange emulsion). Not as good as the ones at Chinese outlets, but passable.

Red & white wine for the alcoholic and watermelon juice for the teetotaler.

The Apartment,
Suria KLCC.
Tel: 2166-2257


  1. you polished off the cream..? ahem

  2. haven't been to KLCC lately due to the outbreak of H1N1... too crowded and wifey dun wanna risk baby's health! Only been to Apartment in The Curve but not KLCC...

  3. ciki: yerrrr, why your mind in the gutter wan
    leo: hmmm, yeah better safe than sorry, i guess! klcc is crawling with people constantly...