Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rocket United Cafe @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

A one-of-a-kind "political cafe" that serves surprisingly decent food. Way better than many of the modern kopitiams that keep sprouting across the city.

Nyonya rice. For less than RM10, you get a well-prepared platter filled with flavourful ingredients, including fluffy, blue-dyed rice and moderately spicy, tender chicken rendang.

Sarawak laksa, made with a sambal belacan base and mixed with tamarind, garlic, galangal, lemongrass and coconut milk, then served with omelette, chicken strips, prawns and coriander. Tasted reasonably authentic.

Otak-otak Muar. Four pieces cost RM3, which seems like a low price, but there isn't much fish paste inside. Nevertheless, worth trying if you like otak-otak.

Rocket United Cafe,
18, Jln SS2/63.


  1. Brilliant idea, especially if the food is good. Food (halal) unifies Malaysians irregardless of religion, race, income, education and Political affiliation.

  2. hmmm... it seems that you have gone to PJ a lot lately :)
    now you must start exploring SS2, Seapark, Paramount area.. a lot of hidden gems :)

  3. the dishes look really yummy, judging from the colours.. i sense a new wave of "political cafes" coming our way. may the best, most delicious and honest cafe win! haha.

  4. U actually had a meal below RM25? What's the world becoming to? I didn't come here to read about cheap food! I Wang a refund!

    Btw, great find!

  5. LOL..have u tried Pappa Rich and the Rice cafe? my at qwazymonkey's remark!

  6. android: there might still be a problem! this place is dap-affiliated, so mca supporters will probably avoid it! :D
    leo: i still can't differentiate seapark from paramount :D
    nic: yeah, the chef even came out and asked us how we enjoyed our food. won't find that at old town kopitiam! :D yeah, let's wait for umno kopitiam...
    qwazymonkey: haha, i promise to resume this blog's regular programming in a day or two!
    nomad: tried pappa rich at taipan, thought it was ok only. hoping to head to rice cafe for a buka puasa soon...

  7. OMG!! You cannot be serious! Politics, stay OUT of my food!! Whatever next? Keris Kopitiam??

  8. 550ml: better trademark that name before someone steals it! :D

  9. finally visited this place last saturday. the initial reaction of my -

    friend (as we drove past): WTF is that a straight football joint hangout?
    me: dunno la but there's swak laksa (where we both hail from) so let's check it out
    friend: mmmmmmm ok... dubious!
    me (upon standing at the doors): WTF is this owned by DAP?
    friend: looks like it
    me: er... ok are we going to get arrested if we eat here?

    anyway, after countless inane comments about the appearance and moaning about the fact that you can't smoke, and walking away, then walking back to it, we stepped in.

    i think it was a bad day for the swak laksa as it looked like a far cry from your photo and that it had a burnt aftertaste and was a little watered down, but i will return to try it out again.

    your review on the otak2 and nyonya rice was spot on... i DID wonder about the otak2 not having a kick... and that was, as you rightfully pointed out, because of the lack of fish. the nyonya rice was thoughtfully presented and had a very generous portion for it's price.

    the curry puff tasted alright but steep at RM1 per piece (it's miniscule). the coffee was so-so also but passable la.

    the fact that the total bill came out to just over RM30 for the amount of things we ordered... was superb. hard to get such value from any such outlet in it's calibre in KUL is rare nowadays.

  10. hey alvin, glad u were basically satisfied with the place. that's a pretty detailed review, maybe u should blog about it too. :D

  11. haha, thanks! but i don't know the first thing about maintaining a blog or reviewing food for that matter. don't spend a lot of online time in my personal life, and i know how people feel about sporadic blogs... a testament to that is how long the gap was before this comment and the last time i did about that pyongyang resto ;)

    p.s. enjoying your blog and sporadically checking out the myriad of choices you've presented in it. thanks again.