Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vienna Bagels @ KLCC

Decent snacks to sneak into TGV if you don't mind getting your fingers messy.

White Oreo, soft bagel topped with white chocolate and Oreo crunch. What happened to the Oreo crumbs? Must have melted off when they reheated this.

Le Chocolate Fromage, a combo of dark choc and sprinkled parmesan cheese.

Vienna Soft Fresh Bagels,
Suria KLCC.


  1. Wha- choc and parmesan?? How does that work? I like my pretzels plain and punchy!

  2. 550ml: ooh, stay away from vienna then! everything's all gooey here.
    nicotinegum: u're not really a carboholic anyways :D