Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Avanti @ Sunway Resort Hotel

A longtime crowd-pleaser that fares well with families. The food here seems consistently good, offering both familiar favourites and adventurous options.

A wide open space with unique touches, including a nightly pianist as well as crayons for kids to doodle on the paper table sheets.

Lots of complimentary bread with a side of tuna and olive oil.

Lime-marinated swordfish carpaccio with fennel salad, pink peppercorn & extra virgin olive oil. Highly recommended; the fatty fish went well with the crunchy salad.

Maltagliati in lobster ragout with fresh tomato and pesto sauce. There's a reason why this is Avanti's signature dish. It's comfort food to warm the stomach and the soul.

Brown rye flour stracci with seared sea scallop, garlic, chilli & cherry tomatoes. We lapped this up. A hearty, unpretentious dish that tastes pretty healthy.

Sunway Resort Hotel.


  1. Looks really good! Now i'm craving for pasta!
    And me like the complimentary bread basket best ;p ;p ;p!!! heeheh

  2. Yea... bread basket served with tuna some more! That lobster maltagliati is just the thing to refuel at the end of Terror Tuesdays!! I can't believe I haven't tried this place out!

  3. I like how the food is presented in a no-nonsense manner; I prefer that the food I consume isn't fussier than me! :P

    You can bet that the lobster maltagliati is on top of my list when I visit Avanti. :)

  4. if only the traffic isn't so scary to Sunway. yum

  5. tng: yeah, great bread can be as satisfying as great pasta! :D
    550ml: also appropriate for woeful wednesdays and turbulent thursdays!
    lfb: yeah, food doesn't need to be fussy to be tasty, though it shouldn't be frivolous either! =)
    carolyn: no traffic during the raya weekend!

  6. I remember coming here to celebrate my friend's anniversary 2-3 years back!! food and environment were great!!!
    But then... like Japanese food, having Italian food in hotel is always an expensive affair!!!

  7. leo: yeah, sometimes it's best to save these places for those kind of special occasions! though i think avanti has a value-for-money sunday buffet brunch (or at least they used to)...

  8. yeah let's hope it stays good! :D