Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainforest Sports Bar @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Decent cocktails, mediocre food, decent service, mediocre ambience...

Sizzling beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce, rainbow rice and veggies. A hearty portion, but too tough for our liking. Search elsewhere if you have a steak craving.

Hardy Tropical Jungle Pizza, topped with Thai green curry, chicken, veggies and cheese. Not as interesting as it sounded. The toppings were mild and tasted plain, while the crust would definitely be too thick for thin-crust lovers.

Lychee Martini and Banana De Forest (banana liquor, rum, galliano, orange & pineapple).

London Bridge (calvert gin, creme de cassis, apple juice, sweet & sour) and Green Grass Rainforest (malibu, butter scotch, mount gay rum, creme de menthe, sprite).

Bertinis (skyy vodka berry, triple sec, cranberry & sprite) and Dragonfly (passionfruit puree, cachacha rum, midori & red wine).

Rainforest Sports Bar,
Tel: 2163-0163


  1. Thick crust!! Gahhh! My eyes my eyes!!

  2. Hahaha..expensive some more right?

  3. If I'm not mistaken, the music is quite loud too... well, at least the time I passed by the outlet the other day :)

  4. 550ml: oh sorry, i should have put up a warning on top of this post :D
    tng: yeah, the food isn't worth it...
    leo: yup, not conducive for comfortable conversations! :D

  5. hi love the chilli crab ler...looks spicy and on ur goog ads....have a nice weekend.

  6. vialentino: thanks. yeah that crab was probably the best dish for that evening. hope u're having a good weekend too =)

  7. Wow! This place is fantastic!I would certainly recommend my friends to check out the exciting ambience, the new chef, the new Live band "Flames" and the latest R&B hitz by the resident Dj.

  8. I would like to invite Sean,550ml,tng & leo for a nite at Rainforest Sports Bar @ Pavilion to experience the latest changes and to enjoy the tasty dishes by the New Chef.