Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boys' Night Out @ Fukuharu

Fukuharu has launched "Boys' Night Out," in which male customers enjoy one complimentary serving of sushi and a free flow of the restaurant's signature cocktail through 9pm Thursdays.
Earlier entries on Fukuharu: June 10, 2009 & Jan. 21, 2010.

Everyone's favorite: mentaiko tamago sushi, on the house tonight for men. Equal rights are ensured, since ladies who visit Fukuharu on Wednesdays receive this without charge too.

Mochi Caesar salad with ponzu mayonnaise. Deliciously different from regular Caesar recipes; the rice cakes supply a glutinous feel that some might prefer to the crispness of croutons.

Luscious avocado, blanketed in brilliantly light tempura batter.

Sea bass with pepper seeds & dried seaweed. Bored of typical sashimi preparations? Mix everything on this plate up for a crunchy, sharply spicy treat.

Breaded tuna, served rare. No complaints, but not the highlight of this meal.

Claypot rice with unagi. Might work better with a bit more eel in the bowl.

Three intriguing ice cream flavors: white sesame, miso & dashi (kelp & bonito flakes). Plenty of sweet-savory sensations here, reminiscent of cocoa & salted caramel.

Blue Twilight, a surprisingly potent sake-&-shochu-based cocktail. We were only here for an hour, but the two of us downed six of these, thanks to the free-flow. Kudos to the service team for always replenishing our drinks without us even asking.

Terrace @ Hock Choon, Off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Sean,

    Wow! I'm very impressed, we have barely started the Boys' Night out & you've already been here.

    For the latest events & happenings, please visit us at

    or follow us on Twitter at @FukuharuKL

  2. I hope they'll have ladies night out too cos it's unfair that boys get their nights out only.

  3. wow, awesome!! I think this is the first ever "boys' night" in KL! I think I need go for a try~

  4. That mentaiko sushi is calling my name!

  5. Boys' Night Out, eh.. so how many boys did you bring witchu? :p

  6. Michelle...Ladies Nite is on Wednesday lar...hehe...

    I haven't been here before but this is in my book...hahaha...

  7. Really unique ice-cream flavours they've got here.

  8. justin: the prospect of booze lured us over! and we weren't disappointed! =)
    michelle: yeps, ladies' nite is wednesdays :D
    fui: try to see how many cocktails you can knock back from 630pm to 9pm, heheh =)
    pureglutton: one of it is never enough! it always leaves us wanting more :D
    ciki: only two of us! though i think we ate and drank enough for three people, heh =)
    ulric: oh yeah, fukuharu is a very good choice if you want a mix of both conservative and creative japanese recipes :D
    baby sumo: ya, i've never seen miso or dashi ice cream anywhere else before! =)

  9. Like this concept! There's always ladies night but seldom hear of boys' night. Bravo! And free flow of cocktail?? How many did you have??? :)

  10. Btw, the free flow cocktail is only limited to one type of you can order different types? :)

  11. I think it's a pretty good marketing campaign where guys have their night and don't feel left out with all the ladies nite promotion.

  12. iamthewitch: i think if we had stayed here until the end, we could have drunk six cocktails each. but we were only there for an hour, so we only had three each, heh. the cocktails are limited to only one type though =)
    eiling: yeps, equal rights for all genders! though i suppose ladies nite will always be more popular and widespread compared to boys' nite :D

  13. The Mentaiko Sushi rocked my socks off! I'm sure the potent cocktails will do the same. Hmmm, wait a minute it's Thursday today ain't it? ;)

  14. unka: yeps, even if the sushi fails, then there's still the cocktails! soooooo, think about where you wanna head in two hours :D

  15. how could you not like ahi katsu ? it's to die for...*salivating*

  16. Mindy: heh, yeah, it was definitely good, but I guess it just got overshadowed by all the other dishes here =)

  17. We had the Mochi Caesar salad and it was actually quite nice, but better shared. For one person, may be a tad jelak after a while.

  18. kenny: i'm not surprised! you both have such small, bird-like appetites wat! you only nibble and peck at your food :D