Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heritage Food

Another year, another outlet takes over this address. In 2009, it was Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa; last year, it transformed into Nasi Lemak Tanglin. Now, Heritage Food takes a shot at showcasing Malay street food here.

Nasi minyak hujan panas. Reminiscent of nasi briyani; perhaps not as rich, but commendably aromatic nevertheless. We couldn't tell what went into the rice _ bunga cengkih? buah pelaga? kulit kayu manis? _ but this is something we wouldn't mind munching every Aidilfitri.

Laksa Johor, with spaghetti, bean sprouts, cucumber, lime & other garnishing, accompanied by a thick fish gravy (mackerel? maybe). We like this better than Penang's Assam Laksa, since it seems less fiery and not so sourish.

Lontong. Comfort food, blending sweet, savory & spicy nuances in a warm broth. Heritage Food's offerings are moderately priced by Bangsar's standards; most items cost below RM10.

Nasi lemak. The rice itself was OK but forgettable; instead, order this for the surprisingly tender paru goreng, possibly this neighborhood's best.

Freshly fried cucur ikan bilis, a little less common than cucur udang.

Lempeng kelapa, a fluffy pancake partnered with sambal & gula melaka.

Bubur durian, served with pulut. Hot, sticky and subtly stinky.

Teh tarik, served in mugs like hot chocolate.

All in all, a pleasant place, with well-prepared food and a friendly, helpful service crew.

Heritage Food,
51, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282-8862


  1. The Laksa Johor sounds interesting indeed...while Lontong is always a fav of mine especially with a dollop of spicy peanut sauce :)

    The Cucur Ikan Bilis looks delish n teh tarik is a must order for me :D

  2. ulric: y'know, i realized while writing this entry that i'm never certain what ingredients, especially herbs and spices, are used in malay recipes =) anyways, i think my favorite malaysian laksa is nyonya laksa, thanks to the cockles in it, followed by kelantan laksa (laksam), then johor laksa, sarawak laksa, and then only assam laksa :D

  3. Ok. I'm dead blur. I didn't even notice this place when I walked past just now! ~_~

  4. Bangsar-babe: hehe, or maybe you were in a hurry. but ya, from outside, it still kinda looks like nasi lemak tanglin =)

  5. Me too...have no idea what r d herbs n spices being used...as long as it tastes good...I m game for it...hehehe...

    My pet craves are always mee rebus, lontong n bakso...all finished off with a dollop of peanut sauce...hahaha...

  6. Michelle: be sure to eat it while it's hot! :D
    Ulric: yeah, though I'm always still curious about what is used. And I'm also always curious about how to translate everything into english. I only recently learned that kayu manis is cinnamon, heh. Btw your cravings sound almost Indonesian! :D

  7. Looks like a nice outlet to me but somehow the whole place looks a bit cramped.

  8. Hehe...must be a side effect from too many trips to Jakarta last year :P

  9. eiling: yeah, and it might get crowded during the ramadan buka puasa period! :D
    ulric: hope you still managed to satisfy your post-jakarta cravings at the indonesian outlets in KL! :D

  10. Wow.. I just had similar bubur durian yesterday dinner! I thought it was too sweet for my liking.. and tasted like melted dodol durian. Was this also like that?? :)

  11. iamthewitch: heheh, luckily the one here wasn't sickeningly sweet. it had a mushy texture, and it tasted like there were real bits of durian in it =)

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